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Takut hilang kerja punca pemberi maklumat tutup mulut, kata TI-M

TI-M berkata, pemberi maklumat bimbang identiti mereka terdedah.

Govt to table amendments to OSA next year

Deputy law minister Hanipa Maidin says the government will also table a new Freedom of Information Act.

Laporan CEP kekal rahsia demi elak saman fitnah, kata PM

Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata, laporan itu mungkin didedahkan kepada umum kemudian, selepas tindakan diambil terhadap kes yang dirujuk.

CEP report kept under wraps to prevent defamation suits, says Dr...

The prime minister says the report may be made public at a later point, after action has been taken on the cases highlighted.

Selesai dulu sebelum dedah, Anwar bersama Dr M dalam isu laporan...

Presiden PKR meminta semua pihak memberi ruang kepada perdana menteri menyelesaikan beberapa cadangan Majlis Penasihat Kerajaan.

Cabinet will decide whether CEP report should be revealed, says Wan...

She says she will talk to the prime minister on this matter after 50 NGOs urge report to be released.

50 NGO mahu kerajaan dedahkan laporan CEP

Tindakan meletakkan laporan CEP di bawah OSA bermakna kerajaan mahu menyembunyikan sesuatu, sekali gus mengelak tanggungjawab.

50 NGOs want govt to make CEP report public

Placing it under the Official Secrets Act only means Putrajaya wants to avoid accountability, they say.

Dr M: Belum boleh dedah laporan penasihat kerana rundingan belum selesai

Perdana menteri berkata kerajaan tidak boleh dedah perkara yang sedang dirundingkan itu sehingga keputusan dicapai.

Badan pemikir gesa Putrajaya dedah laporan CEP

Ideas berkata, penemuan CEP sepatutnya didedahkan kepada umum dari awal lagi.

Release CEP report to the public, think tank tells Putrajaya

IDEAS says Malaysians are entitled to know the outcome of the meetings held throughout the council's tenure.

Status rahsia laporan Majlis Penasihat Kerajaan dikekalkan

Timbalan Menteri Dalam Negeri, Mohamed Hanipa Maidin berkata, laporan itu tidak boleh didedahkan kepada umum kerana mengandungi maklumat sulit.

CEP report to remain under Official Secrets Act

Deputy minister Mohamed Hanipa Maidin says the report contains confidential information.

Court: No need to give Najib copy of letter making Sulaiman...

Judge Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali says there is no legal requirement that the letter authorising Sulaiman to lead the prosecution in Najib Razak’s case must be given to the accused.

PM’s special officer withdraws appeal over 1MDB audit report

Zahid Mat Arip's lawyer tells Court of Appeal the case is being dropped as the new Pakatan Harapan government has already made public the auditor-general’s report on 1MDB.

Sulaiman and Sri Ram appointments in Najib case not state secret,...

Manjeet Singh Dhillon says lawyer Shafee Abdullah is entitled to ask for the licence.

Make CEP report public and axe OSA, please

The CEP should remember that it will be held culpable in Pakatan Harapan's recent decisions which are contradictory to its election pledges.

OSA under review, to be presented to Parliament soon

The Prime Minister's Department says the review and amendments involve curbing cyber attacks.

Yes, it’s treason, say lawyers after intel chief defends letter to...

Hasanah Ab Hamid also breached protocol when she asked a foreign government to take sides in Malaysia's domestic affairs, says former Special Branch agent SN Nair.

Lawyers: Good behaviour bond on whistleblower Rafizi right decision

Court is right not to interfere in the measure of punishment when the deputy public prosecutor went along with counsel for Rafizi who proposed the good behaviour bond, says lawyer N Sivananthan.

Rafizi tak perlu ke penjara kerana dedah laporan 1MDB

Peguamnya, Ahmad Nizam Hamid memberitahu mahkamah anak guamnya berbuat demikian demi kebaikan negara dan tindakan itu tidak mengancam keselamatan negara.

Rafizi given 2-year good behaviour bond for leaking 1MDB report

His lawyer says the custodial sentence is excessive as Rafizi Ramli had leaked the report for the good of the nation.

Ex-MP says it again: Probe 1MDB management, not Najib

Former Kepong MP Dr Tan Seng Giaw says the legal process must be followed, and the 1MDB management charged if there is enough evidence.

Declassified 1MDB audit report finds flaws in management

1MDB management had presented incomplete or inaccurate information to the 1MDB board before an important decision was made in several instances.