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‘Upin & Ipin: Keris Siamang Tunggal’ disenarai untuk pencalonan anugerah Oscar...

Filem animasi Upin & Ipin menerima sambutan luar biasa daripada seluruh dunia hingga membolehkannya dipertimbang untuk pencalonan anugerah Oscar 2020.

Oscar 2020: Filem Upin & Ipin: Keris Siamang Tunggal lakar sejarah

Upin & Ipin: Keris Siamang Tunggal bersaing dengan filem animasi antarabangsa seperti The Angry Birds Movie 2, Toy Story 4, The Secret Life of Pets dan Frozen 2.

Top cop caught in Philippines drugs scandal resigns

Oscar Albayalde is less than a month away from retirement.

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr faces trial for groping

Oscar winner is accused of grabbing woman’s breast in a bar.

‘Save our oceans,’ Oscar winner Javier Bardem tells UN

Spanish actor Javier Bardem, a keen environmental activist, calls on countries to agree to a treaty that would protect at least 30% of the world's oceans by 2030.

‘Long Shot’ pairs Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen in political romance

The actress takes on the role of an ambitious politician and bumps into Fred Flarsky, played by Rogen, a liberal and at times clumsy reporter.

Spielberg says Netflix and theater films aren’t equal for Oscars

Award-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg is one of the three Academy governors that make up the film body.

Rami Malek’s relatives in Egypt celebrate his Oscar victory

When Rami Malek's name was announced as best actor, his family erupted in jubilation, hugging each other and dancing for joy.

Trump accuses film-maker Spike Lee of ‘racist hit job’

After winning his first Oscar, Spike Lee urged voters to choose a 'moral choice between love versus hate.'

Mahershala Ali wins supporting actor Oscar for ‘Green Book’

American star wins Oscar despite complaints of inaccuracy in his portrayal of the pianist, Don Shirley.

ABC is said to get as much as US$2.6 million for...

Even with a smaller audience, the Oscars remain the most prestigious TV event outside of sports.

Olivia Colman’s queen tipped for Bafta success

With the pre-Oscar award season in full swing, the critically acclaimed costume comedy about a cantankerous queen and her scheming court will vie for a dozen honours.

For Cuaron fans visiting Mexico, all roads lead to ‘Roma’

Directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron, La Roma is today a magnet for film-buff tourists seeking the modern-day, full-colour version.

Netflix finally accepted in Hollywood club – but not fully

Netflix finally gains Hollywood's acceptance but the company who has a streaming model, is destroying the traditional film business.

Award-winning lyricist behind “Killing Me Softly” dead at 91

Norman Gimbel, who wrote Roberta Flack's Grammy-winning "Killing Me Softly", has died.

Netflix developing ‘Harvey’ remake

The streaming network is on board for a new version of the 1950 classic about a man with an imaginary rabbit friend.

Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman dies

"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" won him his first Oscar in 1970.

Early reactions to a ‘A Star Is Born’

This generation's next great love story is about to burst on our screens.

‘One Two Jaga’: Filem nikmat, seni tiada tara

'One Two Jaga' menghampiri kesempurnaan sebagai sebuah filem dan satu tiket untuk Malaysia memenangi Oscar.

Woody Allen’s latest film release in doubt

The 82-year-old Oscar-winning director of comedies like "Annie Hall" and "Midnight in Paris" has traditionally released a new movie every year.

Raja Ilya tolak filem Marvel

Walaupun tawaran Marvel tidak menjadi, lawatan Raja Ilya ke Los Angeles berhasil selepas menyertai beberapa uji bakat ymembawa berita baik.

From China to the World Cup? Oscar eyes end to Brazil...

Oscar hopes to force his way back into the Brazil World Cup squad by performing in the Chinese Super League.

World’s first hand-painted film vies for an Oscar

All 65,000 frames of 'Loving Vincent' was done in the distinct style of Vincent van Gogh.

Love is easier for deer than people in Hungary’s Oscar-nominated movie

If "On Body and Soul" wins an Oscar, it will mark the third consecutive year that a movie from Hungary has done so.