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Tag: out of wedlock

‘bin Abdullah’ case: Muslim parents anxiously await court decision

Federal Court is expected to clarify if the Birth and Death Registration Act only applies to non-Muslims.

Fallacy to link teen pregnancies to Western films, says psychologist

Geshina Ayu Mat Saat says upbringing and education also have an influence on activities of youths.

MP links teen pregnancies to free sexual lifestyle in films

PAS MP Khairuddin Aman Razali says Western movies promote the idea that premarital sex is normal.

The need for sex education in Malaysia

'We should be equipping young people with information that will help them make the right decisions for themselves, not withholding it in hopes that they'll just not do it.'

Alienation and stigma for Muslims born out of wedlock

One individual says he was constantly teased and reminded that he would not be allowed to carry the family name or inherit property, while another is reportedly contemplating suicide.

Friday sermon in Selangor defends fatwa on naming illegitimate children

The Selangor Islamic Department says naming an illegitimate Muslim child after the biological father can lead to bigger problems as his guardianship is not valid in Islam.

Bar: Contempt of court to continue using ‘bin Abdullah’

Bar president George Varughese says until and unless there is a stay of execution on the Court of Appeal decision, or the decision is reversed, all parties must comply with it.

Zahid told to respect judicial process on naming out-of-wedlock children

PKR’s Latheefa Koya says the courts should be allowed to decide impartially without unnecessary positions being taken by government leaders on the issue.

NRD: Naming out-of-wedlock Muslim offspring ‘bin Abdullah’ to continue

National Registration Department says any change to the practice would only come about through a ruling from the Federal Court.