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Tag: oversupply

‘Unsold’ units not the same as ‘oversupply’

While it should be clear by now that these two terms have different meanings in the property market, many are still confused about it.

Be careful in approving new flying schools, says ex-aviation authority chief

Azharuddin Abd Rahman, who is now the chairman of a flying school, says if there are too many schools, there may be an oversupply of pilots, as happened in the past.

Developer: Wrong to blame us for oversupply of unsold units

Melaka-based developer Anthony Adam Cho says it’s not true that developers don't understand the market and that the local and global economic situations affect the property market.

Retail space glut killing older shopping malls

With more malls expected to come up in the next 10 years, competition is tough and older malls which are not dynamic are losing customers, says report.

Moody’s says rising office space glut may hit banks

The credit rating agency says pace of non-performing loans is stable but the increasing oversupply of commercial space may have an adverse effect on banks.

New way of renting out unsold lots — use them as...

With glut in commercial properties in KL, there is growing trend to jointly share working places.

GE14 outcome to chart the course for ‘flat but stable’ property...

Rahim & Co says consumers hoping the results of the general election will give a firmer direction for the nation and re-ignite the momentum in the property sector.

2018 not good for property sector

Oversupply of properties and concerns over the economy and the political situation are depressing the property market, says report.

Property prices expected to be stagnant in 2018

The property market is not heading for a crash despite an oversupply of units, but prices are unlikely to reach the high levels of the past, says report.

Property freeze: Why does govt not listen to Bank Negara, asks...

DAP MP says halting new approvals for high-rise residential properties over RM1 million does nothing to address the glut.

Financial system won’t collapse due to property glut, say experts

The oversupply of properties has not hit banks yet, but when it does, the system is not likely to collapse as banks are better prepared now than they were during the Asian financial crisis.

Development freeze applies nationwide, but temporary, says Johari

The deputy finance minister II gives reasons as to why the freeze on approvals for ‘luxury’ properties is needed, including that the government wants to improve supply of affordable housing.

Commercial properties glut to worsen in 2018, think tank warns

Economist says oversupply of commercial properties will take 'years' to adjust, which will put pressure on property owners and mall operators.

DAP wants long-term fix for oversupply of doctors

Contract employment may lead to jobless doctors when their term expires, says Teresa Kok.