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Tag: ownership

Banks should give priority to potential B40 home buyers

Minister advises banks to consider an applicant's income from part-time jobs when considering whether to give the individual a housing loan.

There’s no doubt over who owns Equanimity, Guan Eng tells Jho...

The finance minister says the fugitive financier must be 'out of his mind' to say that the ownership of the yacht is uncertain.

Arsenal’s ‘silent Stan’ unfazed by unhappy fans

Stan Kroenke is not worried about criticism of his ownership of Arsenal from fans.

New National Housing Policy by year-end

This will simplify legislation and the borrowing process to help people own homes.

State legislative assembly never endorsed PDA, says Sarawak CM

Abang Johari Openg says the Oil Mining Ordinance 1958 which gives Sarawak full regulatory authority over the O&G industry in Sarawak is still in force.

Petronas maintains it has exclusive ownership on petroleum resources

The Sarawak government has said it plans to exercise its powers under the relevant laws relating to oil and gas activities in the state.

New York’s Plaza hotel has third suitor join battle for control

United Capital Real Estate Development Corp. has emerged as a third suitor for the property, according to court filings.

Thai king granted full ownership of crown billions

King Maha Vajiralongkorn inherited one of the world's great fortunes when he ascended the Thai throne following the October 2016 death of his father, who ruled for seven decades.

Petition MPs for law to free media of political influence, says...

Veteran journalist A Kadir Jasin says there are now no laws to bar political parties from owning a stake in a media company.

Namibia may scrap black ownership requirements for mining companies, minister says

Under current policies, there must be a minimum of 20% representation of black Namibians in the management structure of a company that applies for an exploration license.

Low-caste Indian Dalit killed for owning horse

Police have detained three upper caste men for questioning after the body of 21-year-old Pradeep Rathod was found in a pool of blood near Timbi village in Gujarat state late Thursday night.

What have you done for Penang Malays, exco asks Umno leaders

Afif Bahardin asks how Perda has helped to increase ownership of Bumiputera assets in Penang.

PAS man alleges ‘subtle ethnic cleansing’ in Penang

Penang PAS delegate worries over the future of Malays in Penang due to an alleged “drastic” drop in Malay land ownership over the past five years.

Court dismisses suit by Ghafar Baba’s ex-wife

Judge says she should have filed it within six years from the time the contract was allegedly breached in 2005, instead of last year.