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Tag: P Sundramoorthy

Arrest politicians sowing hatred to stop terrorism, says anti-crime expert

USM's P Sundramoorthy says politicians have the power to directly and indirectly influence ordinary folk to carry out acts of violence and it is time the police acted against any politician fuelling racial and religious hatred.

Probe panellists: AG ignored evidence that Najib received 1MDB funds

Lim Chee Wee and P Sundramoorthy say repeated requests from MACC to seek legal assistance from foreign governments to trace missing funds from 1MDB were declined.

Expert: Lack of data hampers anti-drug war

A criminologist calls for intensive research into the effectiveness of law enforcement.

Expert links child porn to sexual repression

Criminologist P Sundramoorthy says censorship could be blamed for incidences of assault on children.

Criminologist: Replace ‘Moral Studies’ in school to tackle social ills

P Sundramoorthy says a USM study on curbing social problems had recommended that ‘Human Social Behaviour’ be taught in schools instead.

MP asks if seized drugs end up elsewhere

MP Kulasegaran says this amid concerns over the authorities' losing battle against the drugs menace.

IGP: Terengganu top cop’s comment not meant to be racial

Mohd Fuzi Harun says Aidi Ismail may not have had any agenda when he said there was no gangsterism in the state as 97% of the population was Malay.

Ketua polis Terengganu dihentam kerana pemprofilan kaum

Pakar, ahli politik berkata jenayah merentasi kaum dan polis harus mengatasi sebarang bentuk prejudis kaum.

Cops urged to regularly check on gun owners

A criminologist says firearms are not meant to be kept under beds or inside cupboards.

Expert: Gun owner liable in Kedah shooting case

There was apparent negligence in the management of the weapon, says a criminologist.

Crime expert against 24-hour border opening

Security is not guaranteed even with current restrictions, says a criminologist.

The lure of gang life

Latchkey kids are especially susceptible, says a criminologist.

Big talk online has its dangers

A psychologist says angry rhetoric can inspire emotional reactions that can lead to undesirable acts.

‘No mercy on those who deal out street justice’

A criminologist says maximum punishments are the best deterrent.

Expert: It’s wrong to close rehab centres

Pengasih president disagrees with UM's Adeeba.