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Tag: paedophilia

Math genius jailed for child porn now a UKM student

Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin's stash of child pornography was described by British police as the worst they had seen.

Nepal searches for more child abuse victims of arrested Australian

Police say the pilot, who had been working in Nepal for 3 years, was caught 'red-handed' with two boys aged 12 and 14.

US diocese, bishop sued over employing known paedophiles

Michael Bransfield was dismissed in September following allegations of sexual harassment against adults.

R Kelly freed from Chicago jail after child support paid

After being in jail for two weeks, R Kelly pays child support to be released.

R Kelly denies sexual abuse charges in CBS interview

The singer could face up to seven years in prison if convicted of the charges.

Expert raises concern over ignorance about paedophilia

USM's Mohd Taufik Mohammad says parents must familiarise themselves with the issue and teach children not to speak to strangers.

‘We are witches’: Clerical abuse scandal divides parishes and politics in...

About 12 million people, or almost a third of Poland's population, regularly attend Mass.

Catholic Church fails to get on youth wavelength

The 267 prelates attending the meet had been tasked with finding a way to breathe fresh life into a centuries-old institution suffering from both a damaging global sex abuse crisis and widespread secularity in the West.

Church paedophilia film sets box-office record in Poland

Poland’s human rights ombudsman is looking if a decision by local authorities in Ostroleka, a town in north-eastern Poland, to refuse to show the movie in a municipal movie theatre breaches the constitution.

Understanding the ‘disease’ of paedophilia

Recent studies show paedophilia is not an individual's choice and may have neurological origins.

Suhakam warns against ‘legalised’ paedophilia in Malaysia

The rights commission urges those empowered to allow underage marriages, including Islamic authorities, to stop the practice.

Pope names administrator for Australian diocese after child sex abuse case

Lawyers for Wilson had argued that he did not know that Fletcher had abused a boy.

Australian archbishop guilty of concealing child sex abuse

His conviction is another headache for Pope Francis, whose papacy has been haunted by allegations of sex abuse among Catholic priests.

Study: Boys more likely than girls to suffer worst online sex...

Over 60% of identified victims were very young children including infants and toddlers, and one third were boys, according to the study, which was released on Tuesday.

‘Little idols’: Japan’s dark obsession with young girls

One 'idol', Tama Himeno says the men attending her shows worship the performers and crave communication with young girls.

Australia cracks down on paedophilia, online child abuse

The announcement came months after Canberra introduced tough new laws hailed as a "world first" to cancel the passports of convicted paedophiles, preventing them from travelling overseas.

With 5 child rapes a day, how safe is Malaysia?

Over a seven-year period, 13,272 children have been raped, making it around 1,896 every year and that's not even counting the number of cases that go unreported.

Rohani should apologise for her repugnant remarks

If the minister understood the psychological and physical trauma of a rape victim, she would not have said the 12-year-old rape victim married off to her rapist was doing fine.

Paedophilia cases spark social media outcry in Vietnam

But the ordeal is not over for the young victim who still wails in her sleep, according to her distraught mother Nga.

‘Sexual predators look like you and me’

Check the background of anyone who offers to take care of your children, says a pastor who knew Richard Huckle.

Religious leaders’ role in anti-paedophilia fight

They are the best authorities to advocate the importance of keeping children safe, says an activist.

Child sex abuse: Why justice is not served

The legal process is too onerous, says a pro-child NGO.

120 names in convicted child offender list

Bosses can write in to check on those they are taking in as school bus drivers, child care centre minders or even school guards.

Paedophiles can be cured, says psychology lecturer

He says willingness, on the part of paedophiles to change, was an important element to ensure the treatment given was effective.