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Tag: Pahang Mufti

No compromise on LGBT, says Pahang mufti

Abdul Rahman Osman says Malaysia should prevent and curb LGBTs from becoming an epidemic in society as they violate Islamic law.

Pahang mufti: It’s a sin to issue fatwa without knowledge

Only God can determine whether a person's haj is 'mabrur', says Abdul Rahman Osman.

Kafir Harbi: Killing the confusion

In a world where Islam has taken centrestage for reasons both good and bad, conscientious Muslims must rise to separate the former from the latter.

‘Kafir harbi’ not relevant to Malaysia, says MCA

Party spokesman says such a term will divide Malaysians and there is no need to introduce it in our culture.

Khalid: Mufti’s backers carry orientalist taint

'This is the kind of thinking that is used to justify the establishment of groups like IS.'

Scholar: Nothing wrong in saying ‘kafir harbi’

It does not necessarily mean that non-Muslims who are against Islam should be killed, says Jakim man, and calls for simple language to be used communicating with the public.

‘Don’t stop at IS, go after like-minded religious officers’

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang questions Putrajaya over lack of action in stopping the 'rhetoric of hate, intolerance and bigotry'.

Pahang mufti: Kit Siang, Guan Eng should convert for unity

Abdul Rahman Osman also says that while he was not forcing non-Muslims to do so, he urged them to embrace Islam so they can be safe in the afterlife.

Don’t put on ‘show’ over kafir harbi remark, Tee says

Controversial preacher wonders if non-Muslim community is really affected by the Pahang mufti's remark.

Cops record Pahang mufti’s statement

Pahang police chief confirms Abdul Rahman's statement was taken on Wednesday morning, following the uproar and reports filed over 'kafir harbi' remark.

Pahang mufti: Wage war via debate not weapons, killings

Abdul Rahman, who is under fire over his "kafir harbi" remark, says it is absurd for him to trigger chaos as he has Indian and Chinese friends as well.

PMO: Pahang Mufti’s statement just an opinion, not a fatwa

PM’s Office says non-Muslim Malaysians cannot be categorised as kafir harbi as they are citizens of this country, are protected by the country's laws and are not at war with the government.

Police to probe Pahang Mufti under Sedition Act

IGP says this follows two reports against the mufti in Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

G25: Cops must take serious view of ‘kafir harbi’ statement

Expressing disappointment with the Pahang Mufti for his statement on “kafir harbi”, G25 says it is dangerous, confusing and in conflict with the Federal Constitution and Rule of Law.

Pahang Mufti: Any fatwa I issue is still a fatwa

Abdul Rahman Osman dismisses lawyer Syahredzan Johan's statement that a fatwa is not official until it has been gazetted.

No legal immunity for Pahang mufti, says lawyer

Constitutional law expert Syahredzan Johan says mufti can be held accountable for his statements, if charged under Section 505 of the Penal Code

MCA to LGE: No need for Liow to state the obvious

MCA's Ti Lian Ker says Liow Tiong Lai has never stooped so low as to snigger at the DAP secretary-general on his absolute silence on certain issues.

Kit Siang asks BN to stand up to mufti

Opposition stalwart says BN should call a supreme council meeting, noting that no one has so far challenged what the mufti said about kafir harbi.

Mufti: I didn’t mean DAP but all who oppose Islam

Amid controversy over so-called death sentence, Abdul Rahman says remark was not aimed at DAP.

Mufti’s remark shows why Umno won’t win non-Malay voters

All BN component party leaders must speak up and urge the government to take stern action against the Pahang Mufti and not just sit on the sidelines.

Pahang mufti’s DAP remarks political, says PKR man

Penang Exco member Abdul Malik Abul Kassim says muftis should not preach politics and violate their own code of ethics.