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Tag: Pairin Kitingan

Ongkili wins PBS presidency unopposed

He will succeed PBS founder Joseph Pairin Kitingan who has been president for 33 years.

Pairin steps down as PBS division head as succession plan begins

The PBS founder is also set to quit as party president in November.

Pairin bersara daripada politik, tapi PBS masih relevan

Ahli politik veteran itu berkata, beliau tidak akan mempertahankan jawatannya.

Pairin retires from politics but says PBS still relevant

The veteran politician says he will not defend his party post.

PBS leaves BN, invites Musa to join party

Sabah Umno chief Musa Aman is expected to quit the party to be appointed chairman of a new political pact called Gabungan Bersatu, leaving Umno crippled in Sabah.

Bila Pairin menang, tapi dibiarkan tertunggu di pintu istana

Pada 1994, PBS menang dalam satu pertarungan sengit melawan BN yang disokong Dr M, tetapi hilang kuasa selepas ahli-ahli partinya berpaling tadah.

GE14: Brothers to battle it out in Tambunan

It's a family affair with the two brothers, Pairin (BN) and Jeffrey Kitingan (STAR), and their brother-in-law from Warisan battling it out for the seat.

Pairin: I took decision to stand in Tambunan with a heavy...

The 77-year-old former chief minister will once again defend seat he has represented continuously since 1976.

Jeffrey all fired up for Sabah, set to do battle for...

The STAR president is confident of success in his quest to replace older brother Joseph Pairin Kitingan in both Keningau and Tambunan.

Presidential council of Kadazandusun Murut parties to meet April 17

PBS, PBRS and Upko to come together to address issues facing Sabah's main native community.

PBS to keep Matunggong, despite Zahid’s Umno ‘formula’

PBS deputy president Maximus Ongkili says matter is now put to rest thanks to intervention from state BN chairman Musa Aman.

Pairin to put retirement on hold to defend Tambunan?

The PBS supremo is rumoured to have been asked by the BN leadership to once again defend the seat which he has held since 1976.

Pairin: When Mahathir was PM, what he gave Sabah was...

Sabah deputy chief minister says the state has grown by leaps and bounds since Dr Mahathir Mohamad left the government.

Pairin: Sabah, Sarawak berkembang pesat selepas Dr M berundur

Timbalan ketua menteri Sabah itu memberi contoh peruntukan lebih banyak diberikan kerajaan pusat di bawah pentadbiran perdana menteri seterusnya berbanding zaman Dr Mahathir.

GE14: Sabah BN parties mull swapping seats

PBS president Joseph Pairin Kitingan says any swapping should be seen as a strategy by BN.

Pairin leaves door open on defending Keningau, Tambunan

The deputy chief minister and PBS president plays coy, urging those eager to replace him in the two Sabah interior seats to wait for his decision.

Menteri Ongkili mahu kerusi DUN Tambunan

Pemangku presiden PBS mungkin bertanding di Tambunan kerana Pairin Kitingan tidak mahu bertanding pada PRU14.

Minister Ongkili eyes Tambunan state seat

PBS acting president may contest in Tambunan as Pairin Kitingan doesn't want to contest in GE14.

PBS: Warisan playing victim to gain sympathy votes

PBS acting Youth chief says if it is true Warisan is being persecuted by MACC, then BN leaders will not be roped into probe.

Musa: First Kadazan movie will help preserve Sabah’s unique culture

Sabah chief minister warns that society runs the risk of losing generations of knowledge and identity if indigenous languages are not preserved.

The sacrifice of Huminodun goes from legend to the big screen

The film Huminodun brings to life the genesis of the modern Kadazandusun community and its spirituality through a tale that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Najib to Sabahans: I share your sentiment on MA63

Prime Minister Najib Razak vows to return any of Sabah’s rights which were taken away.

Sabah, S’wak judicial independence under MA63 breached, says PBS

Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Pairin Kitingan says position of High Court of Sabah and Sarawak must be restored to original status agreed upon in 1963.

Sabah ministers applaud ‘holistic’ state budget

Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Masidi Manjun says additional RM12 million to develop rural tourism is a godsend.