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Tag: Pakatan Harapan

PKR in the news ‘for all the wrong reasons’

Two political analysts say the sex video issue has made the other PH member parties to appear less controversial.

Khairuddin accepts Election Court decision, will continue to serve Jasin

Khairuddin Abu Hassan said losing the election petition challenging Umno’s victory on May 9, 2018 won’t stop him from serving the people.

Mahathir’s X and the storm in a tea cup

The open criticism of the appointment of Latheefa Koya as MACC head is proof that Ahmad, Ah Chong and Appu are no longer afraid of the PM – not even if that person is Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

MCA forms 9 teams to keep tabs on PH performance

Wee Ka Siong says 300 members will be involved, comprising people with professional qualifications, and they will work with associations and societies (NGOs).

After Latheefa’s appointment, analysts differ on whether it will backfire on...

While Awang Azman Awang Pawi feels PH is not yet on secure foundation, Oh Ei Sun says opposition to Latheefa's appointment will not hurt the government.

Pelantikan Latheefa akan jejas kredibiliti SPRM, kata bekas ketua Transparency

Akhbar Satar berkata ketua pesuruhjaya baru seharusnya daripada kalangan pimpinan SPRM itu.

Latheefa’s appointment will affect MACC’s credibility, says former TI-M man

Akhbar Satar says the new MACC chief should have come from within the agency's ranks.

Sensationalising racial or religious issues can lead to hatred, warns Mujahid

He calls for rational understanding of press freedom.

Speak in one voice, Daim reminds ministers

He says the ministers, who are from different parties, shouldn't give differing views to the public as they are all part of the government.

Early elections to block Anwar? Far-fetched, say analysts

Pakatan Harapan believed to be unlikely to risk snap polls, despite problems, while the opposition is gaining ground.

Pakatan’s problems may force early elections

MCA president Wee Ka Siong says there are doubts about whether Dr Mahathir Mohamad will hand over power to Anwar Ibrahim.

Aktiviti parti di masjid, Sultan Perak arah pemimpin Umno, PAS dan...

Umno dan PAS baru-baru ini dilapor mengadakan program di beberapa masjid dan surau di Perak.

Najib sees PH as a ship adrift

The former prime minister says the government needs an overarching vision and a strategy to realise it.

I want to be known as a leader who defends Islam,...

The PKR president also expresses his ambition to be a leader who cares for the non-Muslims.

No action against Yapeim D-G over anti-PH speech

Deputy minister in charge of Islamic affairs says Abibullah Samsudin will be evaluated based on his performance.

‘New Malaysia’ not free as long as Sedition Act exists, says...

Cartoonist says there is no guarantee the law wouldn't be used against him again, and pledges to continue criticising the government.

Just abolish Sedition Act, no need for replacement, says legal fraternity

Lawyers agree there is no need for a new ‘formula’, as announced by the government, to replace the Sedition Act after it is abolished as existing legal provisions are good enough to deal with maters.

Muslim refugees now feel safer in non-Muslim countries, says Dr M

The prime minister says this is not because of Islam as a religion but because some Muslims push aside the teachings of Islam.

Bersih moots amending constitution to trigger redelineation exercise

Bersih 2.0 chairman says amending Article 46 of the Federal Constitution to add more parliamentary seats will allow the Election Commission to carry out a redelineation exercise before GE15.

Bersih report card singles out DAP’s Nga in criticism over parliamentary...

The electoral watchdog gives 7 out of 10 for PH's commitment to institutional reforms.

PH masih dalam mode pilihan raya, kata Zaid

Pemimpin PH perlu bersedia menjalin hubungan dengan semua pihak dan menyatukan mereka yang bertelagah, bukan memperlekeh yang tidak sehaluan.

PH settling for return of less money from 1MDB, says Najib

Former prime minister says his administration sought return of all the US$4.5 billion which allegedly went missing after it was transferred to IPIC.

Muhyiddin’s target: a more humane, caring police force

After a year in office, the home minister says he will make internal changes to the police force and amend laws to make them less 'cruel'

Setahun memerintah, dari populariti Mat Sabu ke Najib

Sepatutnya, pada waktu ini, rakyat sudah melupakan BN dan Najib.