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Dr M accused of shooting off his mouth over Kashmir

Mohd Izwan Mohd Noor of Umno Youth says the prime minister has risked an Indian boycott of Malaysian palm oil.

Keep calm, says Kok after Indian association calls for boycott of...

The primary industries minister urges Solvent Extractor's Association of India to allow Putrajaya and New Delhi to resolve issues.

New EU rules could hurt palm oil used in food, says...

The primary industries minister says Malaysia will continue to tackle false accusations from foreign campaigns against palm oil.

Indian trade body tells members to boycott Malaysian palm oil

The oilseed crushers' association says it should support New Delhi's protest against Dr Mahathir Mohamad's remarks on the Kashmir conflict.

Palm oil as health food? Experts say to seek new markets

Economists suggests ways to get around India's threat to boycott Malaysian palm oil.

MPOA sees business as usual amid India palm oil curbs threat

It says if the threat materialises, India will have to source its palm oil from Indonesia and would have to accept whatever price it sets.

Minister praises school once slammed for anti-palm oil presentation

This followed a study tour by students from the international school to an oil palm estate on Pulau Carey.

BN MPs concerned over potential palm oil boycott by India

They say India, with its huge population, provides a big market for palm oil consumption.

We need subsidy, not loan, smallholders tell Putrajaya

Group says the budget announcement of a low-interest loan scheme for palm oil replanting won't help smallholders.

Palm oil industry worried over Indian move to reduce imports

Industry players say even a small reduction will affect Malaysia's palm oil inventory level and economy.

Speculation, rumours bad for trade, warn Indian palm oil importers

They say unsubstantiated claims published in the media harm business interests of both importers and exporters by creating uncertainty in decision-making and the supply chain.

Indian buyers slash Malaysian palm oil orders, say traders

Confusion about new duties or trade measures by Indian government causes shift to Indonesian shipments.

LTTE arrests not meant to weaken any quarter, says Mahathir

He explains that it is the police, not he or the home minister, who made the arrests.

India may restrict imports of palm oil, other goods from Malaysia

India’s government was angered after Dr Mahathir alleged last month at the UN that India had 'invaded and occupied' Jammu and Kashmir and asked New Delhi to work with Pakistan to resolve the issue.

Oil palm estates bigger than 40ha risk fine if not MSPO-certified

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board says 50% of oil palm plantations have already been certified.

Green group accuses Nestle, Unilever of buying palm oil from ‘illegal’...

Rainforest Action Network says major brands bought the oil from a plantation endangering orangutans.

Mahathir defends palm oil in UN address

The prime minister says attempts to ban the import of palm oil are a classic case of denial of free trade.

Reward companies doing more R&D on palm oil, urges Jomo

He says many plantation companies are reluctant to innovate as they fear their competitors will copy their work.

Palm oil, pineapples threaten Southeast Asia’s indigenous lands

Indigenous people have legal rights to only about 10%.

Palm oil taking a leaf from timber trade on sustainability certification,...

The primary industry minister says the market for certified products is expanding.

Palm oil to blame for 39% of forest loss in Borneo...

The Center for International Forestry Research says palm oil was responsible for 35% of forest loss in the Indonesian part of Borneo, and 46% in the Malaysian side.

Health benefits of palm oil boost demand in Vietnam

Today, palm oil accounts for 60% of oils and fats consumed in Vietnam.

No need to fear European palm oil boycott, says commodities expert

A former economics lecturer says even if Europe completely stops the use of palm oil tomorrow and prices drop, the market will find ways to put the commodity to its best use.

Malaysian-owned plantations ready to ‘clear the air’ over open burning claims

Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok defends the four companies, saying they were among the 'most respected oil palm cultivators'.