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Dr M slams palm oil critics, pokes fun at Western hypocrisy

The prime minister says arguments that palm oil cultivation affect the country’s natural ecosystem are not true.

Panel formed to stabilise CPO prices before B20 fuel rollout

Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok says Malaysia is mulling a biodiesel stabilisation fund to contain biofuel prices.

Malaysia prepares to boost palm-biofuel use in wake of EU limits

Government plans to include a 'B20/B30-ready' specification for vehicles in a review of the policy, says minister.

Sime Darby’s easy tool to check source of palm oil

The plantation giant is the first to use such a tool which allows anyone to go online and trace the source of the palm oil to ascertain if it has contributed to deforestation.

EU- Malaysia ties to stay strong despite palm oil dispute, says...

Maria Castillo Fernandez says the European Union is open to dialogue with Malaysia to overcome their differences.

Oil palm growers hail Sabah decision to put off property assessment...

Association says the industry is still recovering from the El Nino weather impact, low CPO prices and labour shortage.

We’re not the enemy of palm oil, says French envoy

French ambassador to Malaysia Frederic Laplanche says Putrajaya has been taking steps to improve the image of palm oil and tackle the trust deficit among European consumers.

Kok accuses EU of palm oil ‘trade war’

She says Malaysia is considering all options for trade items including fighter jets from Russia or China instead of France.

Palm oil titan warns EU limits on biofuel use will backfire

The world needs palm oil as supplies from alternative oilseeds just won’t be enough to meet rising demand for food and fuel.

Singapore Zoo display on palm oil and orangutans raises ire of...

She says Asean countries like Singapore must stand united against EU's attempts to restrict use of palm oil.

No limit, says Putrajaya in defence of latest palm oil deal...

The primary industries ministry says the MoU is in addition to existing exports.

Govt will step in if biofuel, palm oil prices rise significantly,...

If the biofuel price keeps going up, the palm oil content in the blend can be reduced, says Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok.

China to buy additional 1.9 mil tonnes of Malaysian palm oil...

China is Malaysia’s third largest palm oil buyer, and imported 1.9 million tonnes from the country last year.

We need to be one step ahead in tackling palm oil...

The former finance minister says it is vital for the country to team up with Indonesia in tackling challenges from the European Union and the US-China trade dispute.

Malaysia targets Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia for palm oil exports

The government will also explore markets in Russia and Iran, says Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok

JV model commits China firm to long-term ECRL sustainability, says deputy...

Deputy MITI Minister Ong Kian Ming says the joint venture model for the ECRL also ensures greater transparency.

Malaysia can’t win palm oil war, say experts

Instead Malaysia should make efforts to increase yields and extend life span of oil palm trees, they say.

Malaysia palm stocks fall to five month low at end-March

Inventories in Malaysia, the world's second-largest palm oil producer and exporter, declined 4.6% to 2.92 million tonnes.

Take red palm oil to stay young like me, Dr M,...

The primary industries minister lists the benefits of red palm oil in the Dewan Rakyat.

Putrajaya, Indonesia send objection letter to EU over palm oil

The letter of objection was signed by Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Malaysia, Indonesia head to Brussels to protest palm oil biofuel curbs

The two nations will send teams to Brussels on April 8 to object to the European Union’s move to restrict use of palm oil in biofuels.

Indonesia blocks EU spirits, link seen to palm oil spat

Jakarta regulates imports of alcohol through an annual import and distribution plan.

Palm oil players to help Sabah plant 1 mil trees in...

The primary industries ministry says this is in line with its decision to cap oil palm cultivation to 6.5 million hectares.

EU risks ‘trade war’ with Malaysia over palm oil, PM warns

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says while Putrajaya is not promoting a trade war, it is 'grossly unfair for rich people to try and impoverish poor people'.