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Tag: Pan Island Link 1

Penang Forum demands to see new EIA report for PIL 1

The pressure group says it would otherwise be hard to understand why DoE has imposed 56 conditions.

DoE slammed for okaying highway plan with bloopers

Penang Forum says the department should have asked for a fresh design.

CM admits drawing errors in Penang highway EIA

Chow Kon Yeow blames faulty computer-aided drawings for exceeding the number of 'berms' allowed by PWD.

Silent majority wants PIL 1, loud minority doesn’t, says Penang CM

Chow Kon Yeow responds to Najib Razak's criticism of the mega highway project.

Group alleges ‘copy and paste’ work on Penang highway EIA report

Penang Forum says this violates the pledge of originality undertaken by the environmental consultants.

Don’t feed the road monster, expert tells Penang on highway projects

Building more roads does not resolve traffic problems, says a transport expert.

Public taken for ride on road to ‘ugly Penang’, says activist

Meenakshi Raman urges the state government to reveal details in layman's terms.

EIA expert: Safe to use 4,000kg explosives in Penang highway

He says drilling and blasting of 4 tunnels for proposed highway will cause minimal disturbance.

Govt’s decision on Penang highway might make no one happy, says...

Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin says a 'middle path' solution must be found to the dispute over the controversial project.

Penang Forum fears highway project will proceed despite objections

It says past experiences have shown that projects are approved by federal environmental regulators without care given to genuine concerns.

Don: Penang Forum’s highway briefing nearly cancelled due to ‘interference’

However, the event held at USM proceeded after the university's vice-chancellor gave the nod.

Special townhall session for controversial Penang highway project

The Department of Environment, with the assistance of the state government, will hold a townhall session on Sept 20 to hear the views of the people on the project, says chief minister.

Penang’s natural treasure at stake, drop highway projects, says US activist

Renowned US civil rights activist Katherine Egland delivers sharp rebuke over Penang's plan to build more roads, telling authorities to focus on battling climate change instead.

Most Penangites have no clue about massive highway project, says NGO

Feedback from explainers held over the past two months reveals most are surprised that a highway project is taking place in their backyards, says Penang Forum.

‘Bad vibes’ from Penang highway construction can drive out factories, says...

High-value, precision factories might relocate as a result of a proposed highway, part of the transport master plan for Penang, passing through the Bayan Lepas industrial area, says NGO leader.

Embrace Europe’s environs safety standards, Aliran tells DoE

Aliran also calls for review of Penang Transport Master Plan to check on long-term impact of such a massive project on environment.

Catastrophe in Penang if tunnel works hit fault lines, expert warns

Soil scientist Kam Suan Phen also criticises the EIA report for ignoring critical concerns including the impact of underground water flow.

Don’t compare an apple with an orange, Penang CM tells Najib

Chow Kon Yeow says Najib cannot compare the cost of the proposed Penang highway link with the ECRL as both are completely different.

After undersea tunnel, Penang to blast through hills now

Activists raise concerns over a proposed tunnel to connect to a six-lane highway which could require close to a tonne of explosives during construction.