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Tag: Panasonic

Panasonic says it is supplying Huawei Technologies normally

Panasonic to continue with a normal supply of Huawei technologies after previously stating that it will stop shipments of components to Huawei.

Panasonic halting business with Huawei after US ban

The announcement comes after mobile carriers in Japan and Britain announced they would postpone the release of Huawei smartphones.

Musk duels Panasonic in rare public battle with key supplier

Tesla's rift with Panasonic began with reports that expansion plans for a jointly operated battery plant are being tempered with.

Musk says Panasonic battery cell lines constraining Tesla output

Panasonic didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment outside normal business hours.

Tesla and Panasonic moderate expansion plans for battery factory

Due to high demand for Tesla's electric cars, Tesla and Panasonic are planning on their gigafactory expansion to which millions have been plunged into the last few years.

Panasonic cuts profit outlook on slowing China demand, Tesla business a...

Panasonic forecast an operating profit of 385 billion yen (US$3.51 billion) for the year ending March, down from the previously predicted 425 billion yen.

Toyota, Panasonic to set up EV battery JV in 2020

A Toyota spokesman said the two companies have been working on the battery partnership announced in 2017.

Panasonic first-half profit sags on higher costs

Net profit fell 4.5% on-year to 113.6 billion yen (US$1 billion) in the six months to September at the Osaka-based company, which supplies battery cells to Tesla.

Japan’s Sumitomo to focus on battery material supply to Panasonic, Toyota

The company's monthly capacity of NCA cathode materials is due to reach 4,550 tonnes later this year, more than five times the monthly output of 850 tonnes in 2014.

Panasonic plans to halve cobalt content of car batteries in 2-3...

Panasonic has already reduced cobalt content to about 10%.

Panasonic to consider more investment in Tesla’s Gigafactory if asked, executive...

The investment would come on top of the $1.6 billion Panasonic is contributing to the automotive battery plant.

Panasonic flags battery cell shortages as Tesla Model 3 output picks...

Panasonic is the exclusive battery cell supplier for Tesla's current production models, producing them in Japan as well as at Tesla's so-called Gigafactory in the U.S. state of Nevada, which Panasonic jointly operates.

After cobalt-free pledge, Panasonic to triple consumption for auto batteries

Panasonic Corp expects to more than triple its cobalt consumption in five years' time, industry sources said, even as the company aims to develop cobalt-free automotive batteries in the near future.

Panasonic shares dive on US probe into fatal Tesla crash

Panasonic produces lithium-ion batteries for Tesla in a joint venture with the California-based electric car maker.

Panasonic, Samsung act to protect foreign migrant labour after expose

The Guardian, which exposed abuses by contractors along the supply chain of these firms last year, reports that rights groups want more concrete measures.

Santiago: Pendedahan eksploitasi pekerja asing ‘menyedihkan’

Wakil rakyat DAP itu dan MTUC menggesa kerajaan menguatkuasakan undang-undang sedia ada terhadap pihak yang mengeksploitasi pekerja asing.

Santiago: Expose on exploitation of migrant workers ‘heartbreaking’

The DAP lawmaker and MTUC call on government to enforce existing laws against those who exploit migrant workers.

Samsung, Panasonic to probe claims of worker exploitation

UK daily The Guardian claims migrant factory workers forced to work 14-hour shifts to repay money to recruitment agents in Nepal.

Samsung, Panasonic siasat dakwaan eksploitasi pekerja di Malaysia

Pekerja kilang asing mendakwa mereka tiada pilihan kecuali meneruskan pekerjaan bagi membayar hutang, walaupun mereka hanya dibayar RM700, separuh daripada gaji minimum ditetapkan Putrajaya.