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Don’t waste food, says Wan Azizah

The number of homeless people seeking food increases during the fasting month, she says.

Coffee Chiffon Cake with a ‘kopi’ twist

Coffee Chiffon Cake is a delight to make and enjoy as it comes with a local twist - a 'kopi' brew.

Fluffy and flavourful Pandan Chiffon Cake

The Pandan Chiffon Cake is such a classic that CNN named it the national cake of Malaysia and Singapore in 2017.

A Chocolate Ondeh-Ondeh recipe that’ll blow your mind

Switch things up a little by placing semi-sweet chocolate chips in the centre of your traditional Ondeh-Ondeh. Milk chocolate or dark chocolate works just as well too.

Ondeh-Ondeh: Classic chewy, gooey treats

This recipe doesn’t take long to prepare or cook, but only eat it once it's at room temperature as freshly cooked ondeh-ondeh has a molten middle when hot.

6 refreshing drinks to start your new year right

This list of healthy drinks includes sodas, infused water, a unique juice and a warm tonic to keep you refreshed all year long.

5 Malaysian foods that do not actually belong to us

Some of our favourite desserts are from Indonesia, China and India.

Rafizi tewas dalam pusingan akhir pemilihan PKR Selangor

Keputusan tidak rasmi memihak kepada Azmin dalam pemilihan di Bahagian Shah Alam, Hulu Langat, Ampang, Pandan dan Tanjong Karang hari ini.

Azmin beats Rafizi in final leg of Selangor PKR polls

Unofficial results show the incumbent deputy president the winner in all divisions in Selangor which voted today.

Pandan PKR polls get off to heated start

This came after the voting centre opened only 2 hours after members gathered outside Ampang Jaya Municipal Council hall.

Ghee Rice: Nasi Minyak made easy

Cooked with spices and a healthy dose of clarified butter, more commonly known as ghee, Nasi Minyak is surprisingly easy to make.

6 easy drinks that’ll be the life of the party

Nothing say 'party time' more than sweet and bubbly drinks that quench the thirst and tickle the tastebuds.

Anwar not standing in Pandan, says Saifuddin

The PKR secretary-general says the parliamentary constituency that the party's president-elect will be contesting will be revealed at 11am tomorrow.

PKR: Anwar tak tanding di Pandan

Setiausaha agung PKR berkata, ahli Parlimen yang akan mengosongkan kerusi untuk memberi laluan kepada Anwar Ibrahim akan hadir dalam sidang akhbar esok.

Voters miss Rafizi, will stick with Wan Azizah

Praise for Rafizi's hard work and brilliant ideas, respect for PKR president Wan Azizah's years of experience.

Wan Azizah: I’m standing in Pandan to honour, defend Rafizi

The PKR president says she is sad that Rafizi is not standing, and hopes to defend his seat in the five-cornered fight this election.

Dr M: Well-known BN figures ready to jump ship to PH

However, PH chairman says he cannot name them yet for fear of being sued.

MCA sedia hadapi ‘heavyweight’ PKR di Pandan

Ketua MCA Pandan berkata, kerusi Parlimen itu tidak boleh dianggap mudah kerana ia antara kerusi terkuat MCA di negara ini.

Saya tak ganti ibu di Permatang Pauh, kata Nurul Izzah

Naib presiden PKR itu berkata, rundingan pembahagian kerusi masih dijalankan pucuk pimpinan parti itu.

Wan Azizah to stand in Pandan?

A source says Nurul Izzah Anwar may be fielded in Permatang Pauh, while former Bersih chief Maria Chin Abdullah is being considered for the Petaling Jaya parliamentary seat.

Rafizi bids farewell in ‘final’ Dewan Rakyat speech

The first-term Pandan MP says he will not contest in the next polls, but wants to spend more time reading and trying to lose weight.

Selepas Rafizi, Umno yakin pengaruh Ong kembali di Pandan

Calon Umno yang disebut-sebut mewakili BN memberi laluan kepada MCA.

Rahman Dahlan sues Rafizi for claiming he gave contract to ‘brother’

Minister claims Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli’s statement was made recklessly without verifying the facts to gain publicity.

Rafizi to stand trial on charge of defaming Tabung Haji on...

Court refuses to strike out MP's criminal defamation charge, a few hours after he received a 30-month jail sentence for leaking NFC-related bank accounts.