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Tag: Pangolins

Malaysian cop caught trying to smuggle pangolins into Thailand

Sadao customs officers find sacks of live pangolins under the bonnet of the man's car.

New footage released of rare giant pangolins in Africa

Footage of a pangolin was seen sitting on its tail while grasping a tree, as captured by Chester Zoo conservationists.

Authorities make record 30-tonne pangolin seizure

The haul included 1,800 boxes of frozen pangolins, 572 more frozen pangolins in six freezers, 61 live pangolins in cages, and 361kg of pangolin scales.

Wildlife Dept: Sabah won’t be major transit point for illegal wildlife...

It says past success in seizure of smuggled wildlife was due to Sepanggar Bay port being more efficient than other ports.

140 pangolins rescued from suspected smugglers

The critically endangered creatures were seized in two separate raids in Kedah yesterday.

Thailand seizes 136 live pangolins smuggled from Malaysia

Thai Customs believe the pangolins originally came from Indonesia before they were smuggled into Malaysia and later to Thailand to be sent to Laos and China.

Pangolin scales seized in Sabah to be sent for tests in...

The forensic tests will determine if the pangolins came from Sabah or elsewhere.

Stop taking tourists to wildlife dinners, warns department

It calls for timely tip-offs on tourists being fed meals from meat of pangolins, wild boar, turtles and pythons.

RM5.1 million of pangolin scales seized

The illegal shipment of scales from the critically endangered pangolin have been uncovered at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport by Customs officials.

141 smuggled pangolins seized

The protected species was seized following a raid by seven policemen and four wildlife department staff on a house in Taman Desa Seraya.

Man fined RM120,000 for abusing, illegally keeping pangolins

The single father was fined for keeping 109 of the endangered species without a permit.