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New Singapore opposition party launched as polls loom

PSP joins a handful of other parties seeking to take on the dominant PAP.

Singapore PM’s brother backs new opposition party

'Today’s PAP is no longer the PAP of my father. It has lost its way,' says Lee Hsien Yang.

Ex-presidential candidate plans new opposition party in Singapore

Tan Cheng Bock has filed an application to register a new party called Progress Singapore Party.

Singapore PM Lee hints at early election next year

Lee has made clear he was ready to step down in the next couple of years, but no clear successor has been chosen.

In Singapore, close encounters with voters pay dividends for MPs

In a city-state that is forced to survive with limited resources, solving mundane problems takes precedence over championing lofty ideals.

Exiled Singapore activist meets Dr Mahathir

Former student leader Tan Wah Piow says the May 9 elections offer a hope for better democracy in the region.

Expert: Singapore unlikely to change government soon

Think-tank chief says conditions are different: Singapore lacks a strong opposition, while enjoying good economic conditions.

PAP founder, leaders quit over ‘sabotage’ claims

Former president Zulkifli Mohd Noor says he and others decided to leave the party as its multiracial platform is being destroyed.

Bekas Adun Jawi, 100 yang lain, keluar DAP

Tan berkata keputusan menyertai PAP dibuat selepas melihat DAP tidak lagi memegang prinsip sosialis demokrat, sebaliknya menjurus kepada parti yang dikuasai oleh 'Dinasti Kekeluargaan'.

Umno dan PAS miliki DNA sama, kata Annuar Musa

Annuar berkata lawan Umno sebenarnya adalah DAP kerana parti itu mempunyai DNA berbeza berbanding parti lain seperti PAS, PKR dan PPBM yang jelas merupakan parti serpihan Umno.

Guan Eng hails Halimah for her achievement in Singapore

The DAP leader says this is a significant milestone for women as well as Malay-Muslims.

House at heart of Singapore’s Lee family feud has no foundations,...

Four years before he died, LKY, as he was popularly known, said the bungalow should be demolished once he'd gone.

PAP’s ‘droppings’: Zairil baffled by Hadi’s harsh words

Bukit Bendera MP says DAP does not have any links to PAP of Singapore as claimed by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang recently.

Parti serpihan DAP bertanding di Selangor pada PRU14

Presiden PAP berkata ia sudah mengenal pasti pemimpin berkaliber termasuk generasi muda dan wanita untuk diletakkan sebagai calon.

Saya tahu cara jatuhkan DAP, kata bekas naib pengerusi

Zulkifli berkata, sebagai arkitek yang membina rumah, sudah tentu beliau tahu cara meleraikannya.

I know how to topple DAP, says PAP chief

'As the architect who built the house, I definitely know how to dismantle it.'