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Tag: Papar Dam

Papar Dam, another promise broken

Large dams cause imbalance to the natural hydrological and ecological system, apart from destroying the lives of the villagers.

Protesters seek divine intervention to halt Papar dam project

About 200 people from NGOs as well as residents from nearby villages gather in a protest which includes a Catholic service.

Clear air over Papar Dam location, says assistant minister

Moyog assemblyman Jenifer Lasimbang says the Sabah infrastructure development ministry must come up with an official statement, working papers and other reports on the proposed Papar Dam project.

Minister wants 1 more state seat for Penampang

Darell Leiking says Penampang is bigger than Papar constituency but has one state seat less.

‘Intruders’ worry villagers amid row over Papar Dam project

Task force questions visit by group on the pretext of looking for durians.

Why the hurry to build Papar Dam, asks PBS

PBS vice-president Johnny Mositun says the actual location seems to keep changing from time to time.

Hold town hall session on Papar dam, Sabah government urged

Political secretary to Penampang MP Darell Leiking says state government should not bulldoze its projects through without considering the people’s wishes.

Don’t hide location of new dam, SAPP tells Sabah govt

SAPP is concerned that the government made crucial decisions at the Cabinet level without consulting the relevant departments and ministries.

Papar residents come out in support of RM2 bil dam

Group says the project will solve the district's water problems and provide much-needed infrastructure.

Plug water leaks and scrap Papar Dam, says Sabah senator

Penampang PPBM chief John Ambrose says the state government should consider stopping pipe leaks which contribute to 60% loss of water.

Drop Papar Dam project, Sabah assistant minister urges state govt

Sabah Assistant Law and Native Affairs Minister Jannie Lasimbang says the state government should look at other alternatives to ensure adequate water and power supply.

Sabah CM’s praise for Bakun Dam riles activists

Save Rivers group says Shafie Apdal failed to take into account the problems of indigenous people affected by the project.

Papar Dam vital for water, power supply to west coast, says...

The Sabah chief minister says the dam will cater to the needs of residents and investors.

Decision on 2 mega projects shows Sabah BN’s foresight in planning,...

Joniston Bangkuai says Warisan, DAP and PKR had vigorously campaigned against these projects prior to GE14, exploiting them as their main issues.

Warisan was never against Tg Aru project, says Shafie

Chief Minister Shafie Apdal says the multi-billion ringgit project will now be scaled down.

Warisan-led govt slammed over go-ahead for TAED and Papar Dam projects

Sabah Environmental Protection Association, Task Force Against Kaiduan Dam and Tanah Dahai say it is a 'betrayal' to Sabahans.

Warisan broke polls pledge with green light for Tg Aru project,...

SAPP sec-gen Richard Yong wants ministers who promised to scrap the Tanjung Aru Eco-Development project to explain their silence on the issue.

Multi-billion ringgit Tanjung Aru Eco-Development project to start soon, says...

Sabah Infrastructure Development Minister Peter Anthony says the Papar Dam will also be built to ensure adequate water supply for the future.

Warisan-led govt just a continuation of BN rule, says anti-dam group

The Task Force Against Kaiduan Dam says mega projects once condemned by Warisan are now being revived.

Group hopes 5 minutes will help change CM’s mind on Papar...

The Task Force Against Kaiduan Dam finally gets its chance to meet Chief Minister Shafie Apdal.

Sabah minister taken to task for dam go-ahead

NGO says EIA report not in, communities yet to be consulted and yet the Papar Dam construction has already been announced.

Water shortage could have been avoided if dam built as planned,...

PBS also reiterates its call for the dam to be built in its original location.

Govt in bid to recover RM3.5 billion for Sabah’s incomplete pipeline...

The 662km gas pipeline from Kimanis Gas Terminal to Sandakan and Tawau costs a total of RM4.06 billion.

Explore all options before deciding on dam, UN rapporteur tells Sabah

UN Special Rapporteur Leo Heller suggests the state government and affected residents amicably discuss all alternatives before making a decision on a water supply system.