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Racial politics has crossed into ‘danger zone’, warns ex-servicemen’s body

Patriot calls on parties to abandon race-based politics and to be in sync with the multiracial nature of the country before Malaysia is destroyed.

PH govt stable, public need not worry, says Gobind

The DAP deputy chairman rubbishes talk of a plot to move a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Abang Johari: Only 100% local parties should operate in Sarawak

He says Gabungan Parti Sarawak will truly be a Sarawak-based party, helmed only by Sarawakians.

PPBM’s race-based identity not good for PH and nation, says ex-DAP...

Dr Boo Cheng Hau says race-based parties should not figure in the New Malaysia and wants the Pakatan Harapan presidential council to seek an explanation from Mahathir over his defence of PPBM as a race-based party.

No need for MCA to close shop over Balakong defeat, says...

Former Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi says Malaysia needs opposition parties to ensure check and balance against the government of the day and the MCA should reorganise itself to become more powerful.

Anti-immigration party set for election gains as Sweden swings right

The Sweden Democrats, who want the country to leave the European Union and put a freeze on immigration, have about 17% of voters.

Sabah not free of ‘Malayan’ influence, Upko told

Sabah Umno liaison chief Hajiji Noor reminds Upko acting president Madius Tangau of the influence of ‘Malayan’ parties in the form of PKR and DAP in the state government.

Why Pakatan must emerge as one multiracial party

Ex-MCA man Lee Hwa Beng says the change must take place before Mahathir steps down but says PH chairman is beholden to two warlords, DAP and PKR.

Grow some backbone, Umno/BN

They have only been in the opposition for a month and yet they have displayed disenchantment and disillusionment for all to see.

Now, LDP pulls out from Sabah BN

The only local-based Chinese component party in Sabah BN announced its withdrawal from the coalition, a day after component Upko said it is leaving the coalition.

How people can get back power from politicians

If a political party is not performing in the people’s interests, voters should give the mandate to its competitor and if that competitor is bad, voters can give it to another or the earlier competitor.

A mountain to climb for STAR, Peace Party candidates in Sibu

Locals, who expect the battle for Sibu to be between BN and DAP, say the smaller parties do not stand a chance but add meaning to the democratic process.

Flag printer’s business flying high​ ahead of polls​

From Barisan Nasional to Pakatan Harapan, PAS and Warisan flags, MDT Garment receives thousands of orders a day.

Thai parties call for junta to finally unshackle politics

Various Thai political parties voiced their discontentment about the political situation in Thailand.

Dozens of new political parties register in run-up to Thai poll

Many Thai political parties registered on the opening day of party registration, step towards return on democracy.

Sabah BN upbeat as opposition parties scramble to show united front

Coming polls likely to be acid test for smaller opposition parties facing the might of Sabah BN.

Leiking: Shafie’s comments on Rela taken out of context

Party deputy chief says the video containing Warisan chief's speech was edited.

In Sabah, homegrown opposition parties have the edge for now

However, street poll shows some believe peninsula-based opposition parties may be the better choice in the long run.

PH to let ex-MB Ahmad Said contest on its ticket in...

Pakatan Harapan believes Ahmad Said, Anwar Ibrahim and Dr Mahathir Mohamad may prove to be winning combination in Terengganu GE14 campaign.

BN member parties to attend briefing at HQ tomorrow

PBB veep Douglas Uggah says each party has been invited to send 10 representatives.

Syerleena: Fresh polls in Penang only if all agree

The DAP Wanita leader reiterated the DAP secretary-general's statement that the party will not make any unilateral decisions in holding a state election in Penang.

MPs from India meet Dewan Rakyat Speaker

MPs from six major political parties in India on three-day visit to Malaysia.