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Invoking God’s name in vain: Lessons for Malaysia

In the wake of the atrocities in Sri Lanka and New Zealand, let us remind ourselves that Malaysia is not free from the threats and menace of terrorism, either.

Tiada alkohol, tarian antara syarat kerjasama PAS-BN pada 70-an, kata Hadi

Presiden PAS itu berkata, 8 syarat yang dipersetujui kedua-dua pihak termasuk parti Islam itu tidak terikat dengan disiplin Perikatan, nama bagi BN sebelum ia diasaskan pada 1973.

After 10 months, would people still vote for PH?

Pakatan Harapan must get its act together before the people start losing faith in it.

Being Mr Progressive makes Shahril an ‘unpopular child’

Umno Youth vice-chief says his views may differ from those of others, but are consistent with the party's stance from 60 years ago.

Home ministry has documents stating communists backed DAP, says Annuar

Umno leader criticised by DAP leaders in Dewan Rakyat for accusing the party of being influenced by communists.

Kerjasama Umno-PAS ancam PH dan negara, kata DAP Sarawak

Pengerusi DAP Sarawak, Chong Chieng Jen kesal MCA dan MIC tidak membantah tindakan Umno-PAS membawa propaganda perkauman dan agama dalam 2 pilihan raya kecil lalu.

Congrats Umno, you gave Kedah to PAS, Mukhriz says on unity...

The Kedah menteri besar says in the northern state, PAS is stronger than Umno.

Umno-PAS alliance bad for race relations, says Dr M

The prime minister says PH too is concerned about Malay unity.

Mengapa PH bertali arus serang kerjasama Umno-PAS?

Dari sudut demokrasi, tiada yang pelik di dalam kerjasama PAS dan Umo ini dari konteks kebersamaan pembangkang.

Not just Umno, we’ll work with PPBM too, says Hadi

The PAS president says Malays are currently divided, unlike non-Malays.

Destroying everything to win at all costs

Such a strategy, known as the 'scorched earth policy', always sees the ordinary people suffering the most.

A day after ‘marriage’, PAS vows to back Umno in Rantau

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan says the party’s machinery will work with Umno’s when campaigning for the state seat.

PH shouldn’t copy Umno-PAS identity politics

While Umno and PAS have been emboldened by their race and religion formula following wins in two recent by-elections, PH leaders are sending out mixed signals.

NEP 2.0 might help PH win Malay support, says analyst

Azizuddin Mohd Sani says Pakatan Harapan must come up with clearer policies for the Malays to gain their support.

Do you support me or not, Dr M questions PAS ‘flip-flop’

The prime minister repeats his claim that PAS leaders told him the party would not be involved in the Semenyih by-election campaign.

PAS-Umno cooperation to continue in Semenyih, Khairy says

The former Umno Youth chief says the parties are planning to hold a mega ceramah where BN and PAS leaders will share the stage.

PAS hints a ‘different level of involvement’ in Semenyih

Party secretary-general says PAS is still committed to opposition solidarity.

We’re no longer rich, let’s emulate PAS members, Najib tells Umno

The former Umno president reminds members that the Malay party no longer has a big war chest to fund its activities.

A court settlement that opens Pandora’s box

Commentators are having a field day denigrating PAS and its leaders over the RM90 million episode, and they could be in for a bumpy ride ahead.

PAS, Umno leaders back Putrajaya’s new plan to fight corruption

Mohamad Hasan and Abdul Hadi Awang say they support the government's latest initiative to fight graft.

We’ll stand by you, PAS tells Umno

It comes as the Malay party suffers a string of defections.

It’s all about face, analysts say on anti-ICERD rally

They agree with veteran newsman A Kadir Jasin that tomorrow's rally will be nothing more than a political show of strength for PAS and Umno.

Citizens have a right to assemble, says Bar on anti-ICERD rally

However, Bar president George Varughese says they will not be sending lawyers to act as independent observers as they received no invitation from the organisers.

Stop looking for ‘ghosts’, PPBM leader tells PAS, Umno

Tariq Ismail says both parties should stop looking at the past and things that do not exist.