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Shafee dapat pasport untuk tujuan kerja di Australia

Peguam itu berkata, beliau akan berada di Australia dari 5 hingga 9 September ini.

Shafee gets passport for work trip to Australia

The lawyer says he will be in Australia from Sept 5 to 9.

Musa gets back his passport for overseas medical treatment

The Court of Appeal restores a lower court order that allows the former Sabah chief minister to seek treatment abroad for his coronary-related problems.

Court allows Shafee to travel to Australia to meet with client

A three-member Court of Appeal bench says the lawyer is not a flight risk.

Court rules no go for Ku Nan to hold passport

The Court of Appeal says the High Court judge used his discretion judiciously when imposing conditions for bail.

Zahid fails in final bid to get passport for umrah

The Federal Court upholds the High Court decision, saying the judge took into consideration all factors in dismissing Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's application.

Court denies Shafee access to passport for Australian case

The judge says Shafee is only needed there to help with translation, which can be done by a representative from his firm.

Zahid fails again in bid to obtain passport for umrah

The Court of Appeal says there is no reason to disturb the High Court decision to deny the former deputy prime minister his passport.

Ex-AG Apandi seeks court’s help to get passport for travel overseas

The former Federal Court judge also wants a declaration that the restriction imposed on him is a breach of his fundamental rights.

Zahid fails to get impounded passport to perform umrah

Judge says performance of umrah, while highly recommended during the fasting month, is not compulsory.

Court allows lawyer Shafee’s application for return of passport

His counsel says he needs it to travel to Australia to attend a court case and to handle a business deal in Indonesia.

Court allows Ku Nan temporary access to passport

This is to visit his children in Australia and attend business meetings in Indonesia.

Isa Samad fails to obtain passport for pilgrimage

The Sessions Court says there is no urgency for the former Felda chairman to perform the umrah as he already did so twice last year.

Court dismisses Ku Nan’s bid to obtain passport

The former minister had applied for the release of his passport in exchange for a higher bail and the promise to report himself to the MACC office every month if needed.

Musa disappointed but respects court ruling on withholding passport

The former Sabah chief minister says he cannot help but feel that he has been presumed guilty.

No overseas treatment for ex-Sabah CM Musa, court rules

The judge says Musa Aman failed to prove that the treatment required is not readily available in the country.

Zahid withdraws bid to recover passport for pilgrimage

His lawyer says there is not enough time to apply for a visa to Mecca by Jan 17, and that another application will be filed before April or by Ramadan.

Court allows temporary release of Musa’s passport

This is to allow the former Sabah chief minister to continue his medical treatment overseas.

Court to decide on Monday if Musa Aman can get back...

The former Sabah chief minister has applied for a temporary release of his passport to enable him to continue medical treatment overseas.

Brexit sends Britons seeking Irish passports up 22% in 2018

Anybody born in the Irish Republic or Northern Ireland, or with an Irish parent or grandparent, is entitled to an Irish passport.

Court allows temporary release of Shafee’s passport

This is so he can apply for a work permit to handle a case at the Tawau High Court.

No application to blacklist Zahid’s passport, says Mustafar

It will do so if there is a request from MACC, it says.

Passport deals as home minister among charges facing Zahid

The former deputy prime minister is accused of receiving bribes in order to approve contracts to companies dealing with immigration matters.

Court rejects actor Farid Kamil’s bid to have his passport returned

The actor-director, who is charged with assault and fabricating evidence, says he needs to travel abroad for work.