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Tag: Patriots

Stop infighting and start governing, ex-servicemen tell PH

The National Patriots Association says politicians holding government posts have to provide leadership, not fight among themselves for power.

Patriots hail Putrajaya suit against Kelantan govt

The federal government has ‘put its right foot forward’ by taking on the state government over Orang Asli native land rights, says its president Arshad Raji.

PAS dismisses ex-servicemen’s complaints over military-like uniforms

The party’s secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan says wearing attire similar to the Malaysian Army No 1 Dress is normal.

Ex-chairman defends LTAT’s involvement in AES project

Admiral (rtd) Mohd Anwar Mohd Nor gives details of how LTAT got involved in the project and what it has done for armed forces veterans.

Probe takeover of AES operations, say ex-servicemen

The NGO slams the Armed Forces Fund Board for their 'dishonourable and unacceptable' conduct.

New Malaysia: Who’s next on the reform chopping block?

It is normal for an incoming administration to replace some of those seen to have sided with the earlier administration and so the guessing game has begun: Who’s next?

Ex-servicemen to monitor voting in police, military camps

National Patriots Association says its members will be actively involved in monitoring early voting, and calls on voters to do their patriotic duty and vote in GE14.

No motive for ‘last minute attacks’ in GE14, say veterans

National Patriots Association chief dismisses fears of potential attacks to disrupt the general election, as expressed by IGP and the government.

A veteran’s memories of CNY in the army

Former military officer Captain Dr Wong Ang Peng says it was always a luxury to be able to go home for Chinese New Year celebrations.

Hisham slams group for claiming NS has failed to instil patriotism

Defence minister says Patriots practising 'double standards' by criticising National Service programme when they did not offer any suggestions before.

Malaysia’s NS programme a failure, says veterans group

The National Patriots Association says the NS programme is like a holiday camp and has failed to produce patriotic youth who can be deployed in the service.

Vote without fear or favour, veterans tell security forces

National Patriots Association urges the police and Armed Forces to do what is right for the country.

Patriots want special committee to manage 1MDB

BG (Rtd) Arshad Raji says Rulers must form committee comprising responsible politicians from both ruling and opposition parties as govt has trust deficit.

We cherish peace, veterans group tells Hisham

Patriots association says its members are veterans who have served the country with pride and honour, and would do so again if Malaysia came under real foreign threat.