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Michael Cohen, Trump’s one-time aide who turned on him, goes to...

'I am not working for the campaign. I work for him. And how come I'm the one that's going to prison? I'm not the one that is sleeping with the porn star.'

Ex-Obama White House counsel caught in Mueller-probe dragnet

Gregory Craig faces federal charges in relation to legal work he did for the Ukrainian government in 2012 after leaving the White House.

Swedbank dirty money scandal reportedly has ties to Manafort

The news comes on top of reports alleging that Swedbank was used to handle more than US$10 billion in potentially suspicious transactions.

Manafort hit with 3.5 more years in prison, new charges

The veteran Republican operative apologised for his actions and asked for leniency during a sentencing hearing.

Trump campaign ex-chief Manafort faces second sentencing

Manafort will be sentenced for conspiracy against the US, including other charges, from money laundering to unregistered lobbying.

Trump claims Manafort case shows ‘no collusion’ with Russia

Paul Manafort's lawyer says that there was 'absolutely no evidence' that Manafort was involved in collusion with the Russian government in the 2016 elections.

Trump’s ex-aide Manafort sentenced to nearly 4 years in prison

Manafort faces sentencing in a separate case next Wednesday in Washington on two conspiracy charges.

Ex-Trump campaign chief to be sentenced

Manafort is one of six former Trump associates and senior aides charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller seeks tough sentence for ex-Trump campaign chairman Manafort

Prosecutors said Manafort deserves between 19.6 and 24.4 years in prison and a fine of between US$50,000 and US$24 million.

US judge sets Manafort sentencing date in Washington case

A closed hearing hashes out whether Manafort violated his plea deal.

Sex seminar model who claimed Trump secrets deported from Thailand

Anastasia Vashukevich, 27, two other Belarussians and five Russians are being sent back to their home countries two days after they pleaded guilty to charges including conspiracy and soliciting.

Ex-Trump campaign chairman Manafort to plead guilty to conspiracy charges

It comes three weeks after Manafort was convicted in a separate trial on eight counts related to financial fraud.

Manafort conviction and Cohen plea boost Mueller probe

The cases of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen won't end Trump's crusade to tar Mueller's probe as a "witch hunt".

Prosecutors at Manafort trial offer evidence of apparently fake invoices

It was the first time that prosecutors from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office disclosed the invoices, which contained spelling and address errors, missing information and in one case, contained information about services that were never rendered.

Prosecutors portray Trump’s ex-campaign chief as a liar and tax cheat

Manafort was said to have avoided taxes on a large portion of the $60 million he earned, hid the income in a web of 30 overseas bank accounts, and lied to US banks to borrow millions of dollars against his real estate holdings.

US judge agrees to delay Manafort trial until next week

Ellis said the trial delay would give Manafort's attorneys more time to review material recently submitted by prosecutors, but he warned it would not be a lengthy process.

Ex-Trump campaign manager Manafort seeks to move, postpone trial

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has indicted Canaport on charges including bank and tax fraud but the motions filed on Friday are Man fort's the latest attempt to stall the legal process.

Manafort assistant gave FBI access to storage locker -testimony

FBI special agent Jeff Pfeiffer made the disclosure at a hearing to consider whether evidence from the locker and a separate search of Manafort's home

US judge sends ex-Trump campaign head Manafort to jail until trial

He pleaded not guilty on the charges imposed on him and had been on home confinement in Virginia.

Former Trump campaign aide pleads guilty in Russia probe

Rick Gates faces a maximum sentence of nearly six years in plea deal after having potentially faced decades in prison.

Trump ex-campaign Manafort charged with conspiracy

In all, Manafort and Gates were hit with 12 charges of conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to launder money, failing to register as a foreign agent, making false statements and failure to report offshore bank accounts.