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Tag: payments

No ‘royalty’ term in 1975 Kelantan-Petronas deal, says Husam Musa

He says the agreement only referred to cash payments, not royalties.

5 million switch to e-wallet to make Touch n’ Go payments

The majority of those who have made the switch are aged between 19 and 26, says company CEO.

Petronas: Dividend payments take into account debts

National petroleum company says change in outlook is due to Moody’s view that Petronas' financial profile will be at risk of deteriorating if dividend payments remain high in future.

LGE: Najib dishonest, under PH consolidated fund is stronger

The finance minister says Najib’s government only left behind RM450 million to the Pakatan Harapan government and not RM42.2 billion.

Japanese messaging app operator Line to launch cryptocurrency

Line Corp said its LINK digital coin will be given as a reward to users of its services, and may be used for payments or rewards within its blockchain-based app services.

Banks are building a super-speed money highway in the Nordics

The aim is to make it possible to clear payments and settle accounts within seconds, regardless of currency.

Consumers should be smart, not gullible

Those who pay for expensive items by cash, cheque or online methods are benefitting from establishments that impose a surcharge on the few customers who insist on using credit cards.

Govt may consider increasing BR1M for urban poor

Deputy Finance Minister Othman Aziz says government aware of the higher cost of living in towns and cities as justification for higher cash aid.

RM5.4 mil graft in Terengganu: Family members detained

MACC detain official from state govt subsidiary for giving contracts and projects to companies owned by wife, children and daughter-in-law, among others.

Tunnel project: BN wants Penang to explain RM236 mil disparity

Penang BN chairman Teng Chang Yeow says sum listed in Chinese government website for feasibility and design studies is vastly different from amount announced by state government.

RM1,000 ‘officially’ paid to Shafee, says Nancy

Nancy Shukri who was the de facto law minister in 2015, says her answer to Parliament that Shafee only received RM1,000 was based on information given to her by the AG’s Chambers.

PTPTN education loans can now be paid online

Borrower can opt to make payments through 17 banks providing this service.

Azmin: Selangor won’t apologise to Khalid

He says significant decisions should not be made only by one person and the High Court had mentioned an MB should not have absolute powers.

Mavcom: Rayani Air customers can seek chargeback

Customers advised to inquire about the credit card or debit card charges directly with the issuing banks under the category of services not received.