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Cops banned from patronising entertainment outlets

Police chief Abdul Hamid Bador says some officers celebrate their birthday parties for free.

Police to look into 2 cases of cops claiming they were...

IGP says he is prepared to reopen two separate cases involving policemen who claim they had been falsely accused of crime in the past, including one that happened 20 years ago.

PDRM denies dropping ‘Allah’, ‘Muhammad’ from its logo

It says the PDRM logo, with the words 'Allah' and 'Prophet Muhammad', can only be used on flags, signboards or materials placed in high positions or places as a sign of respect.

Caucus to study progress on proposals to improve welfare of cops

Police will be asked to present a progress report on these 2005 royal commission recommendations, says Iskandar Puteri MP Lim Kit Siang.

Retired police officers say IPCMC will interfere with IGP’s functions

Instead they say the government should strengthen the existing Integrity and Standards Compliance Department of the police force.

Cops to meet PM on formation of IPCMC

Withdrawing the powers of the Police Force Commission has drawn protests from many parties in the police force.

Cop who misused police petrol card for RM90,000 jailed

He had instructed a supervisor at a petrol station to swipe the card randomly when motorists went in for refuelling and pocketed the money paid in cash.

IGP: Tougher to fight crime because of new tech, social media

Crimes are getting more complex and borderless, and the police must step up their expertise, says Fuzi.

No sign of Jho Low, say cops after talks with Chinese...

Talks with Interpol have also drawn a blank so far, reveals the inspector-general of police.

ICERD rally: Police ready to face any eventualities, says IGP

Mohamad Fuzi Harun advises rally participants not to create any provocation.

Worrying number of cops going on optional retirement, says IGP

So far this year about 2,500 have quit, and there are 9,000 vacancies, says Fuzi Harun.

PDRM umum tukar 10 pegawai kanan bermula 15 Okt depan

Pertukaran itu antara lain melibatkan Pengarah Jabatan Sumber Strategik dan Teknologi Bukit Aman Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani yang bertukar sebagai pengarah Jabatan Keselamatan Dalam Negeri dan Ketenteraman Awam Bukit Aman.

Cukup hanya VAT 69, UTK, kata Musa Hassan

Bekas ketua polis negara berkata pasukan biasa memadai untuk menyerbu dan bertindak terhadap jenayah terancang.

26 Umno ‘Skuad Sayang’ vans seized

Seizure is believed to be linked to investigations into 1MDB.

More than RM600 mil in Socso payout last year

The Social Security Organisation is working with the police to reduce the high accident and death rates at 'black spot' areas.

Pengebom bunuh diri wanita trend terkini militan IS

KPN Fuzi Harun berkata bilangan wanita yang dilaporkan terlibat sebagai pengebom bunuh diri semakin meningkat.

KPN nafi polis biaya perkahwinan anak perempuan beliau

Katanya simpanan beliau mencukupi untuk membayar perbelanjaan majlis.

Prestij, glamor sebab bukan Bumiputera lebih ramai sertai polis

Polis menjadi pilihan belia bukan bumiputera di Malaysia berbanding tentera kerana dipandang lebih tinggi dalam masyarakat mereka.

Heads to roll in police, 3 departments to shut, says report

Corruption and loyalty to previous government are among the factors for a clean-up of the force.

Ghost letter lists ‘grouses of lower-rank police’

In a 10-point posting on Facebook, anonymous group asks PM to look into police force, and alleges corruption, favouritism, and misuse of allocations

Polis: Wang tunai RM114 juta dalam 35 beg dari kondo KL

Polis berkata, wang tunai itu dalam bentuk 26 mata wang asing, manakala 37 beg lagi mengandungi barang kemas yang masih menunggu penilaian.

RM114 million worth of cash in 35 bags from KL condo,...

Police say the cash was in 26 denominations, while 37 other bags contain jewellery waiting to be evaluated.

Police seize handbags, other personal items from Najib’s home

Najib Razak's lawyer says nothing incriminating was found, although police took 'two or three' boxes of personal possessions.

Ahli Umno terlibat lawan BN dalam pilihan raya akan dipecat, kata...

Timbalan Perdana Menteri berkata, sebagaimana diperuntukkan dalam perlembagaan Umno, mereka yang terlibat secara langsung, secara automatik terkeluar menjadi ahli Umno.