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I have faith in Indian courts but not Modi’s govt, says...

The preacher who is facing charges of money laundering in India says he wants assurance that he will not be arrested pending the outcome of his trial.

Tiada tanah, slot rancangan diberi pada Zakir Naik, kata Putrajaya

Pejabat Perdana Menteri menolak dakwaan media India mengatakan penceramah itu dibantuk memulakan semula saluran televisyennya yang diharamkan.

Neither plot nor slot given to Zakir Naik, says Putrajaya

The Prime Minister's Office rejects claims by Indian media that the preacher is getting help to restart his banned television channel.

Zakir Naik formally charged with money laundering

The preacher is accused of acquiring US$28 million worth of criminal assets.

Pembantu Zakir Naik ditahan berkait kes pengubahan wang haram

Peniaga barang kemas Abdul Kadir Najmuddin ditahan oleh Direktorat Penguatkuasa India atas dakwaan membantu Zakir mengubah dana daripada sumber meragukan.

India to request for Zakir Naik’s provisional arrest

Under its extradition agreement with India, Malaysia is obligated to confirm Naik's location and arrest him, the Times of India said today.

Lebanese want Zakir Naik banned over speaking tour

Activists in Middle East nation say Naik's views 'extremist' and 'inflammatory', and not conducive to 'harmony of a multicultural country like Lebanon'.

India to revoke Zakir Naik’s passport, says report

Highly-placed sources tell Indian daily that controversial preacher is 'most probably in Malaysia and seeking Malaysian citizenship'.

Zakir Naik granted Saudi citizenship

Report by Middle East Monitor says Saudi Arabia granted controversial Islamic preacher citizenship to prevent his arrest by Interpol.

No objections to Perkasa intervening in Zakir Naik suit

Neither the plaintiffs nor the defendants had any objection to Perkasa being an intervenor in the suit against the government and senior government officials by 19 activists.

Perkasa bestows warrior award on Zakir Naik

Ibrahim Ali calls on 19 individuals to withdraw their suit against the federal government for allegedly harbouring the controversial preacher.

Mumbai police clear Zakir Naik… for now

Sermons and speeches may be objectionable but not 'anti-national' nor provocative, investigators reveal in preliminary report.

Zakir Naik rejects terror charges, claims videos tampered

Preacher announces his visit to Africa from Saudi Arabia, putting off his return home to India.

Bangladesh bans Zakir Naik’s Peace TV

India is also threatening to take action against cable operators who air the controversial preacher's programmes, says report.

Bangladesh haramkan saluran TV Zakir Naik

Dhaka juga akan memantau kandungan khutbah Jumaat bagi memastikan tiada ucapan provokasi dibuat.

Indian clerics call for Zakir Naik’s arrest

Muslim leaders in India say TV preacher's activities are against Islam and Indian culture, while speeches support terror and radicalise people.