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Treasure peace before it’s too late

A nation will not truly appreciate the worth of living in peace until its people are embroiled in chaos and turbulence.

In solidarity for peace

Hundreds gather to show the world that Malaysians reject violence following the attacks at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, which saw 50 people killed.

Afghanistan to hold grand council of elders to discuss peace talks

The assembly, known as a 'loya jirga', will be convened in Kabul, with more than 2,000 participants gathering for four days of debate.

Rebels named leaders of Philippine Muslim territory

President Rodrigo Duterte personally swears in Murad Ebrahim as interim chief minister at a symbolic Manila ceremony. 

Philippines cathedral bombing sparks peace process worries

The impact of the attack would challenge the push for peace from the plebiscite last week on expanding autonomy in Southern Philippines.

A slice of paradise in Yogyakarta

Dusun Jogja Village Inn is truly an oasis in chaotic Yogyakarta.

Suu Kyi calls for peace in speech which avoids Rohingya crisis

Suu Kyi has called for cooperation between nations to seek peace and mutual prosperity.

Sultan Nazrin reminds politicians not to stoke fires of racial animosity

The sultan fears that the harmony in the nation is being jeopardised by political competition, and advises graduates not to be used by those out to stir trouble.

Rahim Noor: Dr M’s visit injects new urgency into solving southern...

Peace process facilitator says after 3 months on job, he finds southern Thais want autonomy on religious matters, culture and language, and to be recognised as 'Thai Muslims'.

Tsai: China ‘seriously challenging’ Taiwan peace

Relations between Beijing and Taipei have deteriorated since Tsai took office two years ago, as she refuses to acknowledge that Taiwan is part of one China.

Madrassas a place of prayer and peace for Rohingya kids

Since formal schooling is not allowed in the camps, for many children the madrassas are the only places to learn.

Palestinian official says US will never present Middle East peace plan

The Palestinian chief negotiator said that the Trump administration was siding with Israel on core issues of the conflict.

Kim looks to flash might without drawing Trump’s ire in parade

An analysis of satellite imagery published Tuesday by the website 38 North suggested that Sunday’s parade would “likely be considerably larger” than a similar event earlier this year.

Behaviour of Muslims driving people away from Islam, says PM

Saying people are put off by some acts done in the name of Islam, Dr Mahathir Mohamad reminds Muslims of the need to show by the way they live that Islam is a great religion.

Netanyahu sees path to Palestinian peace in Israeli-Arab ties

Israel has peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan, while others insist on an agreement with the Palestinians as a prerequisite that would pave the way to formal relations.

Avnery, Israeli peace activist who met Arafat, dies aged 94

The former soldier and former right-wing militia member was seen by many as the backbone of Israel's peace movement - Avnery never lost hope an agreement could be reached with the Palestinians.

President Moon: Railways are path to North Korea peace

Moon has championed peace efforts for the Korean Peninsula since taking office last year, and played a crucial role in bringing Kim and Donald Trump together for their historic first summit in June.

Slovenians strive to live in peace with bears

The turnaround to shooting bears with a camera, not a rifle, puts Mlakar, who runs bear observation tours, in step with wider efforts in the small Alpine nation to promote the coexistence of humans and bears.

India’s Modi and Pakistan’s Khan discuss regional peace in post-election call

Khan has offered to investigate all claims of irregularities and promised to build a new Pakistan with an Islamic welfare state.

‘My name is Ramasamy, and I’m not a terrorist’

DAP leader says he is a peace lover, not a fighter, and has helped Muslim provinces such as Aceh and Mindanao in their peace talks.

China urges US to avoid actions that endanger peace in Taiwan...

US officials said two destroyers carried out the passage over the weekend, calling the manoeuvre a "routine transit" through international waters.

Pope says walls, occupation and fundamentalism hamper Mideast peace

Francis convened the summit in the southern Italian city of Bari that for centuries has been a gateway to the Middle East and home to the relics of St. Nicholas.

Incoming Mexican president to seek negotiated peace in drug war

Lopez Obrador, a leftist who won the presidency on Sunday, wants to rewrite the rules of the drug war, suggesting a negotiated peace and amnesty for some of the people currently targeted by security forces.

Leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea to meet soon in bid for...

Ethiopian leader Abiy Ahmed said this month he would honour all the terms of a peace deal, suggesting he might be ready to settle the border dispute.