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Tag: peaceful rally

Ministries to identify staff involved in Bersih 5

Chief Secretary to the government Ali Hamsa says action will be taken against civil servants who were involved in the rally, depending on the offence committed.

Maria’s Sosma charge due to foreign funding?

Malaysian Bar president Steven Thiru says money received from George Soros-funded OSF likely reason for police holding Bersih leader under anti-terror law.

Mahfuz ready for PAS disciplinary action over Bersih 5

Pokok Sena MP says participation in peaceful rally with six other PAS members was for the rakyat.

No instruction from DBKL to close shops, says mayor

Kuala Lumpur Mayor Mohd Amin Nordin Abd Aziz denies Bersih 2.0's claim that City Hall had instructed traders to close for business during the rally on Saturday.

Utusan: Nab religious leaders too, over Bersih 5

Columnist Awang Selamat says more people should be investigated for sedition and their efforts to overthrow government.

Story of Siti Hasmah fretting over Mahathir goes viral

Facebook user shares how Siti Hasmah was concerned over Mahathir's well-being during the Bersih 5 rally.

G25 walks with Bersih 5, distributing flyers

Group of 25 eminent Malays supports peaceful assembly of Malaysians, with G25 leader having said last year that KL streets should be a sea of yellow once a year.

Bersih 5, just like any other sequel

The rally will do nothing to benefit the federal opposition in the next general election, and may even do more harm to its chances of taking over Putrajaya.