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More protests expected in Hong Kong after peaceful rallies

Hong Kong braces for a series of more protests as demonstrators turn from engaging in violent to peaceful rallies.

Yellow vests’ eighth Saturday protests ends with ministry breach

Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux says a small group took over a construction vehicle and “smashed down the door of the ministry” around 4.30 pm.

ICERD rally: Muhyiddin congratulates security forces, govt agencies

He reiterates the government's stand to always respect people's rights to speak out and gather peacefully.

Don’t create trouble, MB warns Selangor PKR delegates

Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari says police will be stationed outside polling centres to avoid trouble like that in recent PKR polls in Kedah.

13 reasons to retire in Malaysia

All things considered, Malaysia has a lot going for it. And Malaysians are warm and friendly, and respectful of older people, so you are sure to get a good welcome.

Indonesia presidential contenders vow peaceful campaign

The candidates and their running mates paraded through central Jakarta on Sunday and released doves at a ceremony after reading out a peaceful campaign declaration.

No explosive statement from Dr M at Maria’s suit against Jamal

The ex-PM tells court his view that Bersih was a violent group has changed now.