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‘Intruders’ worry villagers amid row over Papar Dam project

Task force questions visit by group on the pretext of looking for durians.

Hold town hall session on Papar dam, Sabah government urged

Political secretary to Penampang MP Darell Leiking says state government should not bulldoze its projects through without considering the people’s wishes.

Stop blame game and work for people instead, Sabah leaders told

PPBM senator says blaming the faults of the previous government hinders the leaders' responsibilities of serving the people.

Penampang dilanda banjir akibat hujan berterusan

Hujan lebat menyebabkan Sungei Moyog melimpah, mengakibatkan jalan utama runtuh.

Sabah district flooded after hours of downpour

The rain caused the Moyog river to overflow and saw parts of the Inobong Putaton Bansadon road collapse, creating a giant sinkhole.

Pengasas kecewa sekolah untuk kanak-kanak tanpa kerakyatan di Sabah ditutup

Seramai 260 pelajar berumur dari 5 ke 16 tahun menerima kesan berikutan penutupan pusat itu.

PM dari Sabah, Sarawak suatu masa nanti? Kenapa tidak, kata Dr...

7 ahli Adun Sabah menerima kad keahlian mereka pada majlis itu yang dihadiri puluhan ribu rakyat.

Putrajaya to rethink future power infrastructure projects for remote villages

This comes after minister Yeo Bee Yin's visit to a remote village in Sabah to see a community-run micro-hydro system first hand.

Home’s where the heart is, but also where the money goes

For a family in Kota Kinabalu, paying for a house means doing without much of a social life.

Upko upset reps ‘left out’ of Penampang council

Penampang Upko Youth chief Ronny Dingon says if a list of selected councillors shared on social media is true, the appointments will go against the vision of Chief Minister Shafie Apdal.

What happened to Warisan’s manifesto pledges, asks anti-dam NGO

The Task Force Against Kaiduan Dam reiterates its stand against the dam project, whether in Penampang or Papar.

Does Warisan really give a dam?

In the run-up to the May 9 polls, Warisan condemned the Kaiduan dam project as many people would be affected, but now it proposes a similar project nearby.

Keep calm and wait for more info on Papar dam project,...

Moyog assemblyman Jenifer Lasimbang says no concrete details are available yet on the new dam except that it will not be built in Penampang.

NGO outraged by pitiable conditions at Sabah zoo

Friends of the Orangutans Malaysia claims animals at the Lok Kawi Zoo are put in small and dirty cages with the elephants kept chained.

My enemy is BN, not the candidate, says Lasimbang

Former activist Jenifer Lasimbang is gearing up for the fight for Moyog but says she will not resort to personal attacks to win voters.

Penampang’s Mandela hails Sabah BN’s youthful GE14 line-up

Ceasar Mandela Malakun thanks Najib for including younger faces in the BN line-up in Sabah.

Pengundi waspada terhadap Warisan selepas Leiking tinggalkan PKR

Pengundi di Penampang tidak tahu mahu memilih calon mana, tetapi mereka mahu orang tempatan sebagai wakil rakyat mereka.

Voters wary of Warisan after Leiking’s switch

Penampang voters undecided about who to choose but say they want local politicians to represent them.

Let others talk, we’re focused on beating BN, says Leiking

Warisan deputy president says they must be doing something right if both BN and opposition parties are attacking them.

Musa: BN doesn’t treat opposition areas any less

He cites RM8.5 million allocation to upgrade Donggongon market and work to ease floods in opposition-held Penampang as examples.

Sabah MCA tells ‘wealthy’ opposition to use money on people

State MCA’s Francis Goh says BN parties spend their own funds to help people compared to opposition parties who claim to be poor when they are not.

Sabah BN will never sideline opposition constituencies in state development

Chief Minister Musa Aman says it is important to help one another and work together for the good of Sabah as a whole.

Where’s RM50m promised to Penampang, asks PKR

Penampang PKR chief Kenny Chua says there has not been any significant changes or upgrades to infrastructure, schools and church as promised in 2016.

New Donggongon tamu will cater to both locals and tourists

It will have an extra floor to accommodate more traders and feature culture of Kadazandusun Murut community in Penampang.