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Scrap 3 islands project, seek other ways to fund PTMP, say...

The non-governmental organisations say having an efficient and affordable public transportation system is the answer, not increasing the land bank.

Jejas alam sekitar, nelayan, NGO gesa PM campur tangan projek tambak...

KM Pulau Pinang, Chow Kon Yeow mendakwa Majlis Perancangan Fizikal Negara (MPFN) sudah meluluskan projek berkenaan yang dikenali sebagai projek tebus guna tanah Selatan Pulau Pinang.

Penang Forum demands to see new EIA report for PIL 1

The pressure group says it would otherwise be hard to understand why DoE has imposed 56 conditions.

JAS dipersoal benar projek lebuh raya ada kesilapan pelan

Selasa lepas kerajaan Pulau Pinang berkata, satu 'kesilapan' ditemui pada lukisan berm yang termasuk dalam penilaian kesan alam sekitar projek PIL 1.

DoE slammed for okaying highway plan with bloopers

Penang Forum says the department should have asked for a fresh design.

Scale down PTMP if billion-ringgit loan not forthcoming, Penang told

A review will not cost much compared to the 'crippling' RM46 billion price tag for the transport master plan, says coalition of NGOs.

NGOs to give feedback on 2030 Penang Structure Plan

The state government will hold an additional hearing after several groups were left out of the final session last month.

Many Penangites silent on major projects due to ignorance, says activist

He doesn't agree with the Penang chief minister's contention that the silent majority support reclamation work and the PTMP transport system.

NGOs fuming over no invite to final Penang structure plan hearing

They say they have been vocal about the 2030 plan and future development of Penang.

No local plan means uncurbed development in Penang, says pressure group

Penang Forum says the failure to gazette an updated Penang Structure Plan means developers are free to build as much as they like.

Penang Forum challenges population figure given by CM

Saying Penang’s population will hit 1.98 million by 2030 and not 2.3 million as stated by Chow Kon Yeow, Penang Forum asks if the 'inflated' figure is to justify the transport master plan.

Penang Hill projects won’t damage environment, says group

AnakPinang says it will not be a mega development project as claimed by some people and the sites will only be repurposed.

‘Sad time’ for Penang, says NGO over opposition label

Penang Forum continues its call for a halt to any major project, including the construction of two hotels, on Penang Hill.

HK learnt from its landslides, but not Penang, NGO corrects CM

Penang Forum raps Penang state government for allowing Bukit Kukus tragedy to happen despite an earlier landslide in Tanjung Bungah.

Former mayor claimed Bukit Kukus was safe, says Penang Forum

Group notes Maimunah Mohd Sharif's acknowledgement of several problems at the site and her instructions for remedial measures to be taken.

Questions on the Bukit Kukus landslide tragedy

The endless avoidance of responsibility and blame must end with someone, or else it will be business as usual after the dust settles.

Danger of another landslide at Bukit Kukus construction site

There is still a risk that this area may collapse due to heavy rainfall, especially because of the presence of a stream there.

After landslide, activist loses faith with Penang’s ‘sleeping’ authorities

How many lives have to be sacrificed to get Penang to stop all hill development, asks activist.

Penang Forum warned state govt twice over Bukit Kukus

Hills cut and left open for many years likely cause of landslide, she says.

Tanah runtuh salah kerajaan P Pinang, kata Penang Forum

Penang Forum melaporkan hakisan tanah di Jalan Bukit Kukus kepada pihak berkuasa 3 tahun lepas.

Group alleges ‘copy and paste’ work on Penang highway EIA report

Penang Forum says this violates the pledge of originality undertaken by the environmental consultants.

EIA report on Penang highway ‘fundamentally flawed, plagiarised’, says group

A group of researchers finds plagiarised data and many questions which require answers under federal environmental laws.

Expert: ‘Hidden’ rivers could cause more landslides in road project

Soil scientist Kam Suan Pheng says last year's landslide in Tanjung Bungah should be a lesson to the authorities.

LRT won’t last forever, Penang Forum tells PTMP boss

Tracks are subject to regular and major maintenance, says municipal councillor.