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Tag: Penang Hill

Chance to camp under the stars on Penang Hill

Malaysia's oldest hill station to offer lodging facilities for 80 guests.

Colourful temple on Penang Hill ready to draw tourists, devotees

150-year-old temple reopens after restoration, boasting painting technique previously seen only in India.

Penang Hill’s unique but forgotten Moniot trail

The trail, which cuts through virgin jungle, was opened in 1825.

Hiking up Penang Hill and descending by funicular train

If you take the 'safer' Jeep Track, be prepared for a very steep and tiring hike up, covering five kilometres and taking roughly two and half hours.

Lost and found in the thick of Penang hill

Lost hikers in good spirits and are unhurt.

9 lost hikers on Penang Hill start bonfire to guide rescuers

Rescue group in touch with them through mobile phones.

Search goes on for 9 climbers lost on Penang Hill

This follows emergency call from one of the hikers.

Build campsites on Penang Hill, not hotels, says NGO

Citizen Awareness Chant Group acknowledges concerns by hill managers over camping activities there but says the only solution is to find suitable locations for people to camp

Glamping the way to go in Penang Hill, not hotels, says...

Traditional hotels will only ruin green image of famed hilltop resort, says Chant group.

Penang Hill projects won’t damage environment, says group

AnakPinang says it will not be a mega development project as claimed by some people and the sites will only be repurposed.

‘Sad time’ for Penang, says NGO over opposition label

Penang Forum continues its call for a halt to any major project, including the construction of two hotels, on Penang Hill.

We need tunnels to avoid running through Air Itam town, says...

Penang CM calls for calm as the PIL 1 highway project remains a proposal until now and state government will listen to views of people first.

Final stage reached for Penang Hill Unesco listing attempt

Lead scientist Siti Azizah Mohd Nor says while the dossier has yet to be submitted to Unesco, the process of compiling the documents has been surprisingly smooth.

Guan Eng praises volunteers for ‘healing’ Penang Hill

The recent launch of a pictorial book, ‘Healing Penang Hill’, is a tribute to those who have worked hard to restore the hill after massive landslides last year.

After undersea tunnel, Penang to blast through hills now

Activists raise concerns over a proposed tunnel to connect to a six-lane highway which could require close to a tonne of explosives during construction.

Love your 130-million-year-old icon, CM tells Penangites

It's just 10 minutes away from the city, says Chow Kon Yeow, who wants locals to appreciate the natural heritage.

Rushing to get Penang Hill listed as a Unesco Biosphere Reserve

Penang Hill Corporation general manager Cheok Lay Leng says it hopes to meet the Sept 30 deadline set by Unesco to submit dossier for hill to be listed.

Take a mesmerising walk down The Habitat at Penang Hill

The Habitat offers breathtaking views of the rainforest and is home to amazing flora and fauna.

Guan Eng: Penang Hill to reopen after 2 months of clean-up

Iconic funicular train service serving hilltop will reopen on Saturday at 6.30am.

New scorpion species discovered in Penang

The species was discovered in the Penang Hill rainforest, and is part of the ghost scorpion biological group.

43 stranded on Penang’s Bukit Bendera finally rescued

They include tourists and workers stranded on Penang Hill since Saturday due to bad weather.

Penang Forum: Landslide inquiry must cover all bases

The NGO grouping is worried that the state’s ‘commission of inquiry’ on the fatal Tanjung Bungah landslide may be limited in scope to cover occupational safety of workers.

Drones detect 40 cases of hill clearing in Penang

Penang government to increase motorcycle and CCTV surveillance of hills.

Jahara: Kit Siang was once against development on Penang Hill

Penang Hill receives nearly two million visitors and if the number of visitors to the hill increases, it may affect its biodiversity, says state opposition leader Jahara Hamid.