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Tag: Penang Legislative Assembly

Guan Eng, Saifuddin to make history in Penang assembly

For the first time, the Penang assembly will have two federal ministers as backbenchers.

Report bribe-givers, Penang governor tells civil servants

Penang governor urges civil servants to be courageous to protect the good name of the service and oppose power abuse that could cause revenue loss.

BN rep forced out of assembly after row with PKR Exco

BN man demands Exco to stop chastising the party and calls him an ingrate for forgetting what Umno and BN had done for the country.

Penang state assembly condemns Maria Chin’s arrest

Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng says using Sosma on Maria Chin is such a 'lembap' (weak) move as she did not hurt anyone and was just helping to save Malaysia.

Woman upset ‘affordable home’ used as homestay

The disabled woman says she has exhausted all avenues to seek a solution as strangers renting the unit make a lot of noise and are a threat to her safety.

Debate and do your job, Penang Speaker tells reps

This warning comes after deputy speaker cancels debate session as no assemblyman seemed interested in taking part.

BN sold Jerejak away, claims Guan Eng

The BN government was the first to sell land on the former penal island, he says.

Shamsul: Govt to go after opposition leaders ‘using courts’

After Rafizi Ramli's 18-month jail sentence, PKR veep Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin says he could suffer a similar fate in court on Thursday.

Half-month bonus for Penang civil servants

RM220 million allocated for flood mitigation projects in state's Budget 2017 announcement made by chief minister.

Put RM200m minimum on heritage properties for foreigners

DAP's Teh Lai Heng suggests increasing current RM2 million imposed on foreigners buying shophouses, as they evict traditional trades and quadruple rent in George Town.

Roundup: Penang assembly sees rare show of bipartisanship

Reclamation project takes the limelight in busy week for legislators as debates ranged from serious issues to quirky and odd moments.

‘We did not say aye, we abstained’

Penang Opposition bloc says it didn't support DAP-led government's motion on reclamation, but Penang Assembly Speaker Law Choo Kiang insists it was an unanimous decision.

Both Pakatan and BN reps support motion on land reclamation

All Penang reclamation projects to be shelved until environmental study allows it in unanimous late night decision in Penang Legislative Assembly.

Penang’s Freedom of Information rules ‘open to changes’

State Freedom of Information Chairman P Ramasamy says not all information requested subject to non-disclosure requirements and the rules will be reviewed regularly.

Penang’s first stone age site gallery to open in 2017

Universiti Sains Malaysia will manage new gallery to preserve the Guar Kepah historical site dating back 5,000 years.

Raya bonus for 4,000 Penang civil servants, teachers

Islamic religious school and kindergarten teachers to receive bonus as well.

Jagdeep: Dorm builder Westlite is reliable

Company chosen to build workers' dormitory in Juru is a reputable firm from Singapore and has experience running dormitories in Johor, says Penang Exco Jagdeep Singh Deo.

Why Penang wants LRT, not trams – drivers’ bad habits

Accidents involving cars would be very high if there were at-grade trains in Penang, says Exco Chow Kon Yeow.

Rep: Zero-revenue firm took part in bid for hostel project

PKR lawmaker claims company records show its financials were in the red at the time of bidding for a workers' dormitory on mainland Penang in 2014.

Apologise to King over Zakir Naik insult, Ramasamy told

Teluk Bahang assemblyman Shah Headan Ayoob Hussain Shah says DAP’s P Ramasamy has insulted the Islamic preacher and points out that Zakir was conferred the Tokoh Maal Hijrah award by the King.

Lawmaker cries ‘ong mari’ over crow poo

Pedestrians and cars are being made "target practice" by crows in Macalister Road, says DAP's Teh Lai Heng.

Why is ‘tongkat ali’ haven not protected?

Penang Opposition leader accuses Pakatan state government of dilly-dallying over listing Pulau Jerejak as a national park.

Limiting term for CM an election pledge in 2008, says Teh

Penang DAP explains proposal to limit term of office removed on instruction from the late Karpal Singh due to conflict with Westminster parliamentary system.

Guan Eng wants ‘ridiculous’ travel ban on critics reversed

Penang CM says imposing a travel ban on government critics is one step closer towards making Malaysia a dictator state.