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Tag: Penang snap polls.

Analysts: PKR, DAP feud will only benefit BN

The public is fed up with the Opposition's inability to resolve their differences in a mature way, they say.

PKR’s Latheefa hits back at DAP’s Pua

"Don't scream jump and expect us to say how high," says PKR's Legal Bureau Chief Latheefa Koya.

Did Tony Pua just take a swipe at PKR?

DAP national publicity secretary posts message on Facebook hinting at 'friends' who do not return favours.

Gerakan’s Tan slammed for asking Wan Azizah to quit

PKR’s Fahmi Fadzil says the Gerakan Youth chief should instead be serious about issues of good governance, transparency and accountability in BN.

Umno Youth all set for Penang snap polls, says Khairy

It will focus its machinery on 15 Malay-majority seats.

Penang Gerakan hold emergency meeting for imminent snap polls

‘We thought we have 18 months before the 14th general election, but now we may only have 18 hours before a state election’, says state chairman Teng Chang Yeow.

‘Don’t drag public into your personal issues,’ Nazri tells LGE

If Penang decides to call for snap polls, the people will assume it is meant solely to distract them from the corruption scandal their CM is embroiled in.

Penang snap polls to be discussed at PKR meeting tonight

Wan Azizah says the matter is on the agenda and she expects DAP leaders to attend.

No plan for Penang snap polls, says DAP

If the party ever decides to do so, it will run the proposal by Pakatan Harapan first, says DAP national organising secretary Anthony Loke.