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Tag: Penang Transport Master Plan

3-island project will satisfy huge demand for land, says Chow

Chief minister also reveals that the state government has purchased more land in Batu Kawan, where a major international medical city is to open and IJN and a cancer institute are planning their branches.

Fisherfolk protest against 3-island reclamation south of Penang

The fishermen claim previous reclamation projects in Penang had affected their catch and livelihood.

Penang CM confident RM46 bil transport master plan will get green...

The PTMP is a series of roads, rail and other modes of transport to be financed through the creation and sale of three reclaimed islands.

Chow: If HK had to take advice of Penang NGOs, it...

Penang CM answers thorny issues on Bukit Kukus and alleged inflated population figures when planning transport projects.

Halt Penang Transport Master Plan project in wake of landslides, says...

C4 wants an independent review of the mega project following the latest landslide in Penang which has claimed nine lives so far.

No rail, just road: Group wants Penang to consider new tram...

Penang Forum says it's much cheaper than LRT and can move freely on existing roads.

People still want to drive, critics of Penang transport plan told

Governments around the world are aware of this and as such, they make sure there is a balance of highways and public transportation system.

Public taken for ride on road to ‘ugly Penang’, says activist

Meenakshi Raman urges the state government to reveal details in layman's terms.

Penang to hold public forum on transport master plan

Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow is expected to be grilled on the RM46 billion master plan at the forum on Sept 30.

Penang Forum fears highway project will proceed despite objections

It says past experiences have shown that projects are approved by federal environmental regulators without care given to genuine concerns.

Don: Penang Forum’s highway briefing nearly cancelled due to ‘interference’

However, the event held at USM proceeded after the university's vice-chancellor gave the nod.

Public transport not profitable, govt needs to pump in money

Financially self-sustaining systems have to capitalise on land use along their public transport network, which the Penang Transport Master Plan hopes to do.

Special townhall session for controversial Penang highway project

The Department of Environment, with the assistance of the state government, will hold a townhall session on Sept 20 to hear the views of the people on the project, says chief minister.

Penang’s natural treasure at stake, drop highway projects, says US activist

Renowned US civil rights activist Katherine Egland delivers sharp rebuke over Penang's plan to build more roads, telling authorities to focus on battling climate change instead.

‘Bad vibes’ from Penang highway construction can drive out factories, says...

High-value, precision factories might relocate as a result of a proposed highway, part of the transport master plan for Penang, passing through the Bayan Lepas industrial area, says NGO leader.

LRT not the best option for Penang, says Loke

Transport Minister Anthony Loke says the ministry is proposing alternatives after a study finds LRT may not be the best bet for the state.

2 Chinese schools, St Nicholas tell Penang govt to shift planned...

They submit memorandum to chief minister asking that an elevated road, part of a proposed highway, be shifted elsewhere as it will pose a hazard to schoolchildren and road users.

Activist tells tale of ‘sleepless nights’ to Penang CM over highway...

Penang CM says detailed explanation on 'dangerous' granite fault lines issue would be given in next few days.

Embrace Europe’s environs safety standards, Aliran tells DoE

Aliran also calls for review of Penang Transport Master Plan to check on long-term impact of such a massive project on environment.

Penalise private vehicle use to reduce congestion, PSM urges Penang govt

PSM central committee member Choo Chon Kai says it’s time to make unpopular choices instead of building more highways that end up congested again.

Catastrophe in Penang if tunnel works hit fault lines, expert warns

Soil scientist Kam Suan Phen also criticises the EIA report for ignoring critical concerns including the impact of underground water flow.

17,000 briefed on transport master plan, says Penang CM

Chow Kon Yeow says the briefing sessions held were the most extensive ever for a proposed public transport system in the country.

Chow: I was only against tolls, not roads

Penang CM says protesting group got their facts wrong.

Penang asked Dr M for federal funds for LRT project in...

The chief minister says the state government will ask for low-interest loans if the federal government does not approve the application for additional funds.