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Airport in Penang must expand to cater to higher number of...

Even medical tourism which Penang is dominant in cannot grow if patients have to fly to other cities, then take a coach to Penang.

Penang govt to hold dialogue on schools affected by PIL 1

It will also meet the education ministry to discuss concerns, says the chief minister.

Include Prisons under IPCMC in view of custodial deaths, urges Ramasamy

With another death in custody in Penang last week, the DAP man urges the government to widen monitoring of the department.

Anwar joins in prayers for the late consumer activist Idris

Hundreds attend his wake at his Rose Avenue home and funeral at the Perak Road cemetery in Penang.

Orang Asli get water scare after quarry opens in forest reserve

They hope the authorities will prevent quarries operating in forest reserves.

Prominent consumer advocate SM Idris dies

Idris was behind Malaysia's pioneer consumer group Consumers Association of Penang.

A response to arguments against PTMP

It is common for experts to disagree on plans, but they should not condemn them without demonstrating detailed knowledge about them.

Look to Singapore, not KL, for PTMP

Instead of copying Kuala Lumpur’s problematic public transport systems, Penang should look to Singapore’s single MRT system.

Kedah’s Merdeka Bridge: Scene of battles lost and won

This historic location is the scene of a clash between British and Japanese forces in 1942 during World War Two.

Another heir of 1800s Penang tycoon had claimed mosque land, court...

Penang Islamic Religious Council lawyer brings up the previous claim in case involving three great-grandchildren of Shaikh Eusoff who want the council to return 15 acres of land in accordance with the will of the late tycoon.

Court rules Penang not empowered to set up crime watch unit

The Federal Court says the Local Government Act does not give power to the state government to set up the Voluntary Patrol Scheme.

Debate rages over merits of Penang and Singapore food

Some critics say the hawker fare up north is worthy of a Unesco nomination on its own.

In Penang, fort awaits return of 200-year-old cannons

The cannons, discovered last February, had been undergoing restoration works.

Father scalds son in dispute over insurance payout

He has been released on bail pending an investigation under Section 323 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt.

Penang to call for fresh proposals to reintroduce free Wi-Fi service

State exco man says earlier request for proposal was too stringent for telcos to comply with and that the new one will be less rigid.

BN never intended to upgrade Penang airport, says Guan Eng

The finance minister insists that the proposed airport in Kulim will have no economic impact on Penang.

Engage with Penang on Kulim airport

If billions of ringgit are going to be spent on an airport, it shouldn't be just for the purposes of cargo.

Holding back tears, Anwar reminisces about shared ‘suffering’ with cartoonist

PKR president praises Zunar for having a pulse on what the people are thinking.

Cops seek mother who beat up her 3 kids

The 42-year-old woman is said to have fled to Kedah.

Change ‘rich and developed’ notion of Penang, Chow tells Putrajaya

CM says this sort of thinking has hampered efforts to get more development funds from the federal government.

Even a ‘cargo-only’ Kulim airport will impact Penang badly, says Chow

He says reports by two consultants also indicated the Kulim airport will be in direct competition to the Penang airport.

30% of public housing on 3 islands to be kept for...

State exco man says fishermen on the southern coast appear to be more concerned over housing than fishing.

Penang wants visa on arrival for tourists from China, India

It says VOA will help state tap into lucrative tourist market and beat off competition from neighbouring countries.

Penang to gazette 2030 structure plan with PTMP, three-islands project

Exco Jagdeep Singh Deo says all considerations have been looked into before approving structure plan.