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Nicol deserves more than just her pension, says Syed Saddiq

Minister says Nicol is an eight-time world champion and has contributed much to the nation.

Employers to pay less to EPF for workers above 60

Employees' contribution reduced to zero to enable them to increase their take-home pay, says the pension fund.

Court orders govt to pay nonagenarian 38 years of pension arrears

The High Court directed the government to recalculate pension payments due to 99-year-old Alagan Mayalagan following a PSD decision in the past that had resulted in reducing his pension payments.

‘Pension, healthcare costs more pressing than RM1 trillion debt’

EPF official moots a different pension scheme, warning that pension payments and healthcare costs will continue to rise.

Russian police detain nearly 300 protesting against pension reform

The protests, which police sometimes broke up by beating participants, were a challenge to the authorities.

Anti-Kremlin protesters rally across Russia against pension age hike

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny, barred from state TV and prevented from running against Putin for president earlier this year, hopes to tap into public anger over the reform.

Despite Putin’s concessions, Russians protest pension reform law

Putin offered to cut the proposed retirement age for women to 60, from a retirement age of 63 first proposed by the government.

Putin dilutes pension reform that has hit his popularity

Putin took responsibility for the reform which he said was needed to protect state finances, ensure social stability and safeguard national security.

Thousands of Russians protest against pension age hike

Protests took place in dozens of cities and towns in far eastern Russia, Siberia and western Russia.

Russians protest as Duma debates unpopular pension reform

The Russian government's proposal would raise the pension age by five years for men and eight years for women.

Taiwan passes controversial bill cutting veterans’ pensions

Senior veterans will see their monthly stipend cut by more than 20% over the next decade, after a smaller initial drop, according to official estimates.

Former MACC chief Dzulkifli Ahmad forced to retire?

A source says the king agreed to the government's advice on the matter after the termination of his service with the Judicial and Legal Service.

Romania to maintain fiscal stimulus policy until 2020

Romania’s government will maintain its policy of cutting taxes and raising the minimum wage and state pensions until 2020 in a bid to improve living standards.

10,000 march in Chile against Pinochet-era pensions

A mass protest against privatised pensions instituted by Augusto Pinochet was held in Santiago.

Two killed in Nicaragua pension protests

A protester and a policeman were killed in Managua during protests about pension reform.

Thousands of teachers march for US school funding

Teachers have been flexing their political muscle in Republican-dominated states where education funding was cut in recent years.

Rising poverty gnaws at Italian social fabric as election nears

The government argues that the worst is over, pointing to 14 straight quarters of economic growth, but many Italians have yet to feel the benefits of the upturn.

Bosnian workers go hungry in fight for full payment

Many workers and pensioners in Bosnia have not been paid their salaries or pensions.

Brazil’s pension bill short on votes, running out of time

The Brazilian government requires 40 more votes to pass the bill by way of supermajority.

Italy’s rightist bloc vows to reverse pension law if elected

Italy currently spends more than 16% of its gross domestic product on state pensions.

Sweden to raise earliest retirement age to 64

The move comes as a response to the average life expectancy in Sweden rising to over 82 years.

Gear up for bigger aged population by 2030, says economist

Socio-Economic Research Centre's Lee Heng Guie says policies and facilities should be focussed on catering to the needs of senior citizens who will comprise about 15% of the total population.

Economist calls for rebalancing of expenditures in Budget 2018

Socio-Economic Research Centre’s Lee Heng Guie says while the operating expenditure has risen for two consecutive years, the development expenditure seems to be ‘going downhill’.

Veterans affected by low pension, inflation seek relief in Budget 2018

National Association of Patriots wishes to see the government recognise the sacrifices of the veterans in defending and maintaining the independence of the country.