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Economist calls for rebalancing of expenditures in Budget 2018

Socio-Economic Research Centre’s Lee Heng Guie says while the operating expenditure has risen for two consecutive years, the development expenditure seems to be ‘going downhill’.

Veterans affected by low pension, inflation seek relief in Budget 2018

National Association of Patriots wishes to see the government recognise the sacrifices of the veterans in defending and maintaining the independence of the country.

Payments to pensioners goes up by RM3 billion yearly

'If we don’t recruit, opposition will say government is not helping the unemployed but if we recruit, they will say the civil servants are unproductive,' says minister.

Why our budget is not sustainable

The worst is yet to come, and we’ll be feeling the full impact of public service expansion, of indiscriminate salary increases as well as looming pension bills.

Civil servants may pay for own retirement fund

KWAP CEO Wan Kamaruzaman says government may have to change current pension scheme with one similar to EPF where both employers and employees contribute.

Money in EPF – but not enough for retirement

About 65% of EPF's 6.7 million contributors have less than RM50,000 savings, and can only last five years.