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Bring it on, Shabudin says over Perda civil suit

He says all the decisions by the board members under his leadership were 'above board' and made 'in consensus'.

Perda saman bekas pengerusi, ahli lembaga atas jualan tanah murah

Perda menuntut ganti rugi atas kerugian ditanggung agensi itu atau mengambil balik 2 tanah yang dijual di bawah harga pasaran itu.

Perda sues former head and board members over 2 land deals

Perda chairman Haniff Khatri Abdulla says the authority has uncovered 11 other cases of mismanagement.

Bos baru Perda siasat kemungkinan salah urus

Haniff Khatri Abdulla berkata, tindakan juga akan diambil terhadap 'jualan tanah murah' yang menjadi tumpuan media 2 tahun lalu.

New Perda boss says probing possible mismanagement

Haniff Khatri Abdulla says an internal probe is ongoing in an effort to ferret out past mismanagement so that Perda can start on a clean slate to improve the lives of Penang residents.

Lawyer Haniff Khatri to lead Perda

Sukiman Sarmani will head UniTEK-Mara while Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah Sanusi will lead Mara Corporation Sdn Bhd.

Was report filed against Perda, Penang state exco asks MACC

Dr Afif Bahardin says anti-graft agency should confirm if it is investigating allegations of corruption, abuse of power in federal agency based in Penang.

Exco: Apa sumbangan Umno kepada Melayu di Pulau Pinang?

Afif Bahardin mempersoalkan sumbangan Perda dalam membantu meningkatkan pemilikan aset Bumiputera di Pulau Pinang.

What have you done for Penang Malays, exco asks Umno leaders

Afif Bahardin asks how Perda has helped to increase ownership of Bumiputera assets in Penang.

Ask MACC on land sale, Zainal tells Guan Eng

The Penang Umno liaison committee chairman says MACC is not under Umno and that he is not responsible for investigations done by the anti-graft body

Tunnel probe: What are you investigating, Guan Eng asks MACC

Penang CM says his government has been open to scrutiny by graft-busters, asks what MACC has been investigating for the past two years.

Why no open tender in cheap land sale, Guan Eng asks...

Penang chief minister wants Perda to come clean on why it lost RM15 million in the sale of the land in Nibong Tebal.

Guan Eng: Umno using Penang assembly for political revenge

Penang chief minister says only motions useful to the people ought to be tabled in the assembly, not motions that he resign.

Bring it on, says Guan Eng on motion for him to...

Penang CM says Umno has the right to do so in the Penang state assembly as part of democracy.

Perda land sale: MACC still probing

Perda had sold the Tok Keramat land in Nibong Tebal for RM1.43 million although the Inland Revenue Board had valued it at RM16.636 million.

‘Low price for Perda land to offset repair costs’

Federal Government watchdog council says it is well aware of problems with Nibong Tebal land and denies any wrongdoing by Perda.

CM: Why build shophouses before affordable homes?

Landowner who bought “cheap land” from Perda for low-cost housing units has applied to build shophouses first, says Guan Eng.

Najib must clear the air on Perda land sale

PKR executive councillor Dr Afif Bahardin suspects elements of criminal breach of trust in the Nibong Tebal land transaction by Perda.

Penang gov’t to lodge report over cheap Perda land

State executive councillor to lodge report with MACC over RM15.2 million loss in Nibong Tebal government land.

Stop tai-chi over Perda land, Umno tells CM

Explain your bungalow purchase first, Penang Umno chief Zainal Abidin Osman tells Guan Eng.

Let MACC probe Perda land deal, Umno tells CM

Show proof on wrongdoing, don't waste time calling for coffee meeting, says Umno Youth leader.

Guan Eng questions Perda’s reasoning for land sale

Penang chief minister questions how new landowners can be confident of building homes on 'loss making' site, but Perda could not.

CM wants all details on who bought Perda land

Lim Guan Eng wants to know who is behind SYT Prestige Sdn Bhd which bought land in Nibong Tebal at “cheap price” of RM1.42 million.

Perda: Land sold cheap due to soil erosion

Perda chairman Shabudin Yahya explains why it sold land in Nibong Tebal for RM1.42 million after Penang chief minister said it was worth RM16.6 million.