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Tag: Perhilitan

2 Viet poachers jailed 2 years, fined RM1.56 mil for wildlife...

They were arrested by Perhilitan officers on April 15 in Hulu Sungai Tersat in Taman Negara, Pahang.

Perhilitan wants duo to give statements over dead clouded leopard

Wildlife and National Parks Department acts after pictures go viral on Facebook.

Putrajaya isytihar perang terhadap pemburu haram, selamatkan harimau Malaya

Satu pasukan petugas seramai 2,000 anggota ditubuhkan di bawah Program Perlindungan Harimau dan Rondaan (TP3).

2,000-strong tiger task force to take down poachers

Water, land and natural resources minister declares war against poachers to save the Malayan tiger from extinction.

Awas, anak buaya berkeliaran di Tasik Shah Alam

Perhilitan Selangor percaya individu tidak bertanggungjawab melepaskan seekor anak buaya tembaga di tasik bandaraya Shah Alam.

Visiting the rhinos, crocs and tapirs of Sungai Dusun

The Sungai Dusun Wildlife Conservation Centre houses some of Malaysia's severely endangered animals, although they did lose the battle with the rhinos.

‘Watch out for an elephant in 200 metres!’

Popular traffic navigation app could soon warn you of wild animals ahead.

CCCC gives RM10 million for ECRL wildlife management plan

Natural Resources and Environment Minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar says the agreement was inked to ensure that the rail project would proceed with adequate environmental safeguards.

How you can help put an end to Malaysia’s cruel zoos

Zoos that don't bother about animal welfare will go out of business eventually but only if you stop paying precious money to visit them.

Syndicate smuggling pangolin scales to Malaysia busted

Agents involved in trafficking of pangolin scales tell interrogators items were supplied by a Chinese national before being shipped to KLIA.

Perhilitan on the lookout for crocodile in Jarantut

The department’s personnel inspected the river after the crocodile’s sighting went viral on social media, but have yet to find it.

Wild bear found roaming in Seremban, no one injured

A team from the Perhilitan office managed to catch the animal which is believed to have strayed from a nearby forest reserve.

3m-long crocodile sends chills up and down Juru river

It gives up meekly to Fire and Rescue Department personnel who send it to Perhilitan.

Malaysia’s Internet authority helps nab wildlife traffickers

Wildlife and National Parks Department joins forces with Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to nab 69 online wildlife traders in the past three years.

Authorities nab five traffickers, seize wildlife worth RM500k

Jail wildlife traffickers instead of imposing fines, says minister

Online photos spur officials to probe tiger poaching

Photos posted on the Internet show people posing with a tiger carcass, and one man slitting open a tiger’s belly.

Traffic lauds wildlife bust by Perhilitan

Traffic says arrest of 12 men and seizure of animal parts worth RM2 million by the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) is commendable.

Crocodile that attacked fisherman caught in Pasir Puteh

The copper-coloured crocodile was taken to the Kuala Krai Perhilitan for documentation before being handed over to the National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Perak.

Slithery intruder in Penang flats was from the wild

Perhilitan finds no proof of the reptile being caged in one of the units, as reported earlier, and says it will be released back into the wild.

Slithery intruder ‘sacked’

Cobra escapes enclosure from a flat unit and causes panic among flat residents in Penang.

Monkeys make off with ‘confidential’ military documents

Macaques waylay a postman in the Terendak Army Camp and snatch documents he was delivering, says report.

Perhilitan seizes 1,070 tortoises in two raids

The raids involved four Indian nationals keeping wild animals without valid documents in a house in Petaling Jaya and at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Cuaca panas: Waspada kemunculan haiwan liar, berbisa

Haiwan-haiwan liar atau berbisa akan keluar dari habitat masing-masing kerana tidak tahan dengan cuaca panas dan mencari tempat berlindung.

Wildlife director freed of rhino-horn theft charge

A misunderstanding over century-old horn kept at Johor royal museum, he says as prosecution drops charge.