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Play with Huskies to your heart’s content at Huskiss

Here's a chance to play with about six boisterous and adorable Siberian Huskies, right in the heart of Petaling Jaya.

Pet-friendly hotels in Malaysia that make your holiday whole

There are more pet-friendly hotels here than you might imagine, provided your dogs are well behaved and don't bark a lot and disturb other hotel guests.

Indonesia works to ban trade of meat from pets, exotic animals

People in some parts of the Southeast Asian nation are known to consume dog meat and the government faces pressure from animal rights groups to tackle the issue.

Researchers accidentally engineer plastic-eating enzyme

Researchers in the US and Britain have accidentally engineered an enzyme which eats plastic and may eventually help solve the growing problem of plastic pollution.

Indonesian orangutan ‘house pets’ rescued by activists

Young orangutan Utu clings to one of his rescuers as he is freed from the tiny wooden cage that has been home for five years.

Dog dies in United overhead bin

A woman flying with children and a small dog was pressured by a flight attendant to put her dog in overhead storage during the 3-1/2 hour flight.

Don’t feed your dog raw meat, says study

The touted benefits of raw meat diets for dogs and cats "are not backed by evidence".

Puppy eyes: The tail wagging the dog?

The new study suggests that man's best friend may be very well aware of the reaction a scowl or grin will elicit from its master.

Pakistan arrests man for driving pet lion through Karachi streets

The brief clip shows a docile lion lounging in the back of a pick-up truck, restrained by a leash and collar, as curious onlookers walk past in the city of about 20 million people.

Expert: Ban plastic wrappers too for the good of our health

Toxicologist from local university says many plastic food wrappers and containers unsafe, recommends government ban to enforce safer way to store and pack food.

2 kids attacked by pet monkeys in separate incidents

Six-year-old girl bitten in calf while eight-month-old baby scratched in face.