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Tag: petrol price

No change in RON97 price

RON97 will retail at RM2.50, RON95 at RM2.08 and diesel at RM2.18.

RON97 up by 2 sen, RON95 and diesel remain unchanged in...

Finance ministry says RON95 and diesel prices are being subsidised to reduce the people's cost of living.

RON97 petrol up again

Meanwhile, RON95 and diesel prices remain the same.

Petrol prices up by 10 sen

RON97 is at RM2.38 per litre and RON95 is at RM2.08 per litre while diesel will remain at RM2.18.

RON95, RON97 down 1 sen, diesel up 1 sen

RON97 will be RM2.22 per litre, RON95 at RM1.92 a litre and diesel at RM2.05 per litre.

Najib takes ‘credit’ for weekly fuel price float

The former prime minister says the government only decided to do this after he and others brought up the issue.

PH must also keep promises made in ceramahs, says Najib

The former prime minister says Pakatan Harapan should not take advantage of the people who did not read the coalition's manifesto.

Malaysian shoppers turn to e-commerce to save money

Online shopping sites are booming, serving as an avenue to help cope with the rising cost of living while becoming a new lifestyle choice.

RON95 price glitch: Ministry to penalise Shell

Ministry has launched own investigation to ensure glitch not due to deliberate action.

Petrol dealers paying high price for weekly change, says group

PDAM chief calls for 5 sen limit to weekly change of fuel prices in order to cushion impact on petrol dealers after two consecutive weeks of 10 sen drop.

Tony Pua slams government’s U-turn on fuel ceiling price

Decision not to set ceiling price is a massive blow to the people and shows Putrajaya favours oil and gas companies, says DAP national publicity secretary.

Transparency needed in fuel pricing policy

The government's new ceiling price policy should benefit the consuming public, but the key lies with how the government is going to set the weekly ceiling prices.

The price of a good time

Market-oriented pricing mechanism is a move in the right direction, and the 'pain' we're feeling is the price we have to pay for the erstwhile 'low oil' good time.

DAP dismisses BN response on 20 sen petrol price hike

DAP's Tony Pua criticises lack of answers from any responsible minister, and questions composition of BN Strategic Communications Team that issued statement.

No basis for 20 sen fuel price increase, says Tony Pua

Petaling Jaya Utara MP says government must disclose if it is actually imposing hidden taxes on consumers to cover up for its budget shortfalls.

Petrol, diesel prices to go up again?

Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia says prices set to increase based on their calculations, but nothing is official yet.