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Tag: petrol prices

RON97 up by 4 sen, again

The price of RON95 and diesel remain unchanged.

RON97 petrol up by 7 sen

Prices of RON95 and diesel remain.

No urgent need to review budget, says Dr M

The prime minister says oil prices fluctuate by nature.

RON95, 97 to go up by 1 sen

The price of diesel, however, remains at RM2.18 per litre.

No fuel boycott, petrol dealers assure motorists

The dealers say they will wait for the Cabinet announcement on the new float system.

RON95 to remain at RM2.20, RON97 to float

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says the government has allocated RM3 billion until the end of 2018 to maintain RON95 and diesel retail prices for the rest of the year.

Fuel subsidies may create subsidy mentality, economist warns

Yeah Kim Leang says reintroducing fuel subsidies may also harm competitiveness and economic resilience.

Fuel prices stay the same

Since March 22: RON95 is at RM2.20, RON97 is RM2.47 and diesel is RM2.18 per litre

Further drop in fuel prices across the board

The price per litre of RON95 is RM2.25, RON97 is RM2.52 and diesel is at RM2.20.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, says minister

In lamenting about citizens who constantly complain about Malaysia, Salleh Said Keruak compares Malaysia with developed nations and points out the good in the country.

Up or down, there’s just no winning for petrol dealers

Petrol Dealers Association Malaysia says a daily free float system may be the best way to resolve the woes of dealers, but warns smaller players may suffer.

Think tank tells Putrajaya to come clean on fuel price formula

IDEAS says that lack of transparency fuels public anger over the discrepancy between global oil prices and petrol pump prices.

Petrol prices down by 7 sen, diesel unchanged

The price of RON95 is RM1.91, RON97 is RM2.17 and diesel remains at RM1.88.

I always get blamed for people’s problems, says Najib

Prime Minister also says his job is the 'most stressful one in the world'.

Petrol dealers warn 14,000 workers may lose jobs

Claiming impact of weekly price change affecting its members, Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia says retrenchment will cushion impact of losses.

Opposition not being fair to me, says Najib

The prime minister says his foes are quick to blame him when prices rise, but do not praise him when prices drop.

Retail, food and beverage sectors hardest hit in 2017

Economic analyst says majority of Malaysians prefer to save as inflation rises on the back of fuel price increases, a weakened ringgit and even BR1M payments.