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RON97 down 22 sen, RON95, diesel prices remain unchanged

This marks the second consecutive drop in prices for RON97.

Kastam Thailand rampas 5,000 liter petrol, diesel dari Malaysia

Kastam Thailand menahan 15 kenderaan dan 15 individu yang mencurigakan di sempadan Padang Besar, Perlis – Sadao, Songkhla.

Petronas Dagangan sets higher capex of RM500 mil for 2019

It says the higher penetration of ride-hailing users and the increasing number of energy efficient vehicles and hybrid vehicles have impacted fuel retailers.

Keep price cap on RON95, say petrol dealers

The Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia says if the cap is removed, it would prefer that prices be floated monthly rather than weekly.

Harga petrol tak turun, apa anda boleh buat untuk jimat?

Harga bahan api khususnya petrol kian meningkat memaksa pemilik kereta lebih berhati-hati dalam merancang perjalanan.

US drivers set to pay less to fuel up this summer

Lower pump prices are expected to spur more highway travel this season.

No change in petrol, diesel prices

The finance ministry says the decision is to stabilise the retail pump prices.

Mekanisme subsidi petrol ditentukan akhir suku kedua 2019, kata menteri

Chong Chieng Jen berkata kerajaan akan tentukan sama ada ada subsidi diberi dalam bentuk tunai atau rebat.

Fuel subsidy for B40 still in the making, says deputy minister

Chong Chieng Jen says his ministry and the finance ministry are looking into the proposals presented to them.

RON97 petrol up by 5 sen

The government announces price increase for the higher grade RON97 fuel for the coming week.

Lelaki didenda RM5,000 ugut badan pengurusan guna petrol

Seorang pekerja kebajikan menyimbah petrol ke atas lantai pejabat pengurusan Pangsapuri Desa Mentari, Sabtu lepas.

Pengusaha luar bandar ‘bungkus’ jika laksana pelarasan harga minyak mingguan

Pelarasan harga minyak secara mingguan menyebabkan stesen minyak di kawasan pendalaman mengalami kerugian dan terpaksa menghentikan operasi.

What ‘hidden petrol tax’, asks Guan Eng

Finance minister dismisses MCA chief's claim govt collecting RM20 mil a day for past 2 months.

Cabinet to decide tomorrow on petrol prices

Prime minister says government would like to reduce the price of petrol but needs to consider the position of petrol sellers who need to make some profits, too.

Petrol dealers warned against having ‘dry’ pumps

The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry says they are required to have sufficient supply at all times.

Dr M bertemu pengusaha stesen minyak esok

Perbincangan akan tumpu kepada bagaimana mengatasi kebimbangan apabila sistem apungan harga minyak secara mingguan bermula pada Selasa.

RM1 mil fine if dealers fail to supply adequate petrol

Petrol kiosks warned that they must provide adequate supply of fuel throughout the year.

20 cars stall after refuelling, Petronas says sorry

Petronas Dagangan Berhad says it will compensate affected customers and temporarily closes Solaris Besraya Petronas station.

Sell fuel on Jan 1 or risk losing licences, petrol station...

Ministry's 2,300 enforcement officers will check on all 3,700 petrol stations to ensure there is sufficient fuel from Jan 1.

Petrol dealers, govt hold urgent talks to avert boycott

Petrol dealers association says outcome of these meetings will decide whether its members stop selling petrol as a new float system kicks in on Jan 1 offering consumers lower fuel prices.

RON97 price to go down 31 sen tonight

The price of RON97 petrol will go down from RM2.81 a litre to RM2.50.

Man charged with torching doctor, nurse at Penang hospital

The incident is alleged to have happened at Lam Wah Ee Hospital in Penang on Sept 3.

Economist: Inflation likely to rise with return to previous fuel pricing...

Firdaos Rosli says it may be better to do away with fuel subsidies and channel the money to other forms of aid.

Spain wants to ban sale of petrol and diesel cars from...

The announcement comes a year after Britain and France both pledged to ban new diesel and petrol cars by 2040, while Norway is aiming to end the use of all cars running on fossil fuels by 2025.