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Snoopy the supremely serene cat

Previously a shy feline, Snoopy the cat now spends most of his time taking life at a slow pace and just enjoying the breeze.

Professor Doerak delivers the purr-fect message of love

The University of Groningen in the Netherlands has a post-graduate cat named Professor Doerak strolling through its campus grounds.

Bubu: The mini Poodle who lives with 2 cats

Bubu the mini Poodle and Mickey and Minnie the cats are best pals and live harmoniously under one roof.

World Cat Day: When, how and why cats enslaved humanity

This World Cat Day, hug a cat and remember that it still retains the same nature of its historical ancestors.

Pets in America now get human treatment

Pets are now increasingly seen as genuine family members and this is particularly true for millennials.

Philippine retail billionaire plans move from fashion to pets

The retail pet market is soaring due to social media says Jon Gokongwei.

Prehistoric humans loved their dogs to death

In more than 20 circular burial plots, the partial or complete remains of pooches were carefully laid next to individual men, women and children.

My dog and I, til death do us part

Domestic pets have claimed a firm spot in the hearts of Germans.

Expenses most people forget to budget for

Always anticipate the worst and you will be better equipped to handle an unexpected event when it pops up. Here are some important expenses to budget for.

English bulldog drools way to world’s ugliest dog crown

Zsa Zsa, sporting a hot pink collar and matching nails for her moment in the spotlight, came out on top of a tough field of fourteen.

Please stop exploiting disabled dogs

Parading disabled dogs at fundraising events to elicit sympathy is an unethical practice which should not be tolerated.

Poisoned spy’s pets are dead, UK confirms

A cat and two guinea pigs owned by the former double agent poisoned in the UK are dead, the British government confirmed late Thursday after questions were raised by Russia.

Pet cloning is not just for celebrities anymore

But animal rights groups say the process causes undue suffering to the pets that provide the egg cells and carry the embryos.

Don’t celebrate dogs only to dump them later, says PAWS

Prospective pet owners are asked to think twice before adopting a dog for the coming Chinese New Year celebration.

Selangor gives RM150,000 to allay pet neutering cost

PAWS Animal Welfare Society's pet neutering and spaying programme receives funding to help reduce population of strays in state.

Stylish dogs rule the catwalks of Shanghai’s streets

Poodles in pink dresses, Pekinese wearing blouses, a Pomeranian in sneakers and a raincoat -- Shanghai's sidewalks can sometimes seem like fashion catwalks gone to the dogs.

Lawyer says pets allowed in condos, apartments

The management committee of a strata-titled property cannot stop residents from keeping pets as there is no local government law specifically prohibiting it.

Gimpy-legged Pug survives car crash

Walking with a slight limp, Tom the pug appeared uneasy as a large horde of onlookers gathers at the accident site in Air Itam.

Dog-owner arrested, abused poodles and Pom rescued

Animal rescue group tells of video recording showing the animal being beaten.