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Anwar getting ready to fight for PM’s post, says analyst

Azmi Hassan of UTM says the PKR president is not in the mood to wait for Dr Mahathir Mohomad to hand power to him.

Analysts agree with Pandikar: Anwar’s the man

Academics from UM and UTM explain why they think the PKR president is prime minister material.

Up to Perak DAP to resolve infighting, says Guan Eng

The DAP secretary-general remains reticent on reports of a rift over Paul Yong's status as a state exco member.

Dons say why Anwar should take up a Cabinet post

He's politically weak by remaining outside, says James Chin, while Azmi Hassan suggests that Anwar should become education minister.

Correcting the U-turn government

The public, the Cabinet and the whole country seem confused over policies that have been suddenly thrust upon us.
Buku Harapan, 100 hari, Pakatan harapan

PH duo agrees, coalition might be in trouble

DAP's Charles Santiago and PKR's Wong Chen speak of a failure to deliver systematic reforms, while analyst Wong Chin Huat says there may be a drop in voter turnout.

Gojek? Go look elsewhere, Syed Saddiq

If PH is serious about resolving the issues in our labour market and public transport, it should stick to fulfilling its manifesto promises.

Cabinet to remain as is, says Guan Eng

The finance minister says yesterday's meeting was about government affairs, not a Cabinet reshuffle.

Chill, PPBM man says on call for Dr M to resign

PKR's Wong Chen also agrees that Dr Mahathir Mohamad should not step down as prime minister immediately.

What PH MPs with integrity should do if Lynas stays

MPs who won the election based on their promise of an environment free from the long-term health hazards that the waste from a rare earths facility can bring should resign if they cannot deliver.

An open letter to Dr M and PH

A clear message must be sent that the welfare of the nation and the reform agenda take precedence over personal or party interests.

Academic tells how PH can avoid making a mess of public...

Denison Jayasooria calls for review panel before policies are made public, and says the people are losing confidence.

PAS man tells why his party prefers Dr M to Anwar

Che Abdullah Mat Nawi says there's a fear that the PKR president will be influenced by DAP and other parties.

Who created the so-called deep state?

If PH is really concerned about the deep state, it should make the Special Branch accountable to Parliament.

Flogging the dead horse of the deep state

The government of the day can’t claim ignorance of the deep state unless its policies and objectives are in congruence with the deep state.

Time for a ‘major review’ of our promises, Kit Siang tells...

The DAP strongman says there is a perception that PH has not delivered since taking over Putrajaya.

Activist scoffs at claim only GPS can uplift Sarawak

Francis Paul Siah says the people are still suffering despite PBB's long reign.

Don’t fix NSC Act, just repeal it, say PH MPs

Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah and Beruas MP Ngeh Koo Ham urge the government to abolish the act instead of amending it.

Kit Siang should focus more on PH, not Najib

PH’s Achilles heel is within the coalition and its lack of delivery and performance is what Lim Kit Siang should pay more attention to.
Buku Harapan, 100 hari, Pakatan harapan

Analysts split on axing Sedition Act

One says the PH government must fulfil its election pledge while two others say some aspects of the act can be maintained.

Waytha upbeat on PH effort to solve Indian woes

He says the government is mapping out a five-year plan.

Dr M, the man plugging the dike

Like the little Dutch boy who plugged the dike, the prime minister is trying to save Malaysia once more, to stop the many holes left by the previous administration.

What’s happening with the PH govt?

Many problems that the people thought could be addressed with the change of government remain unresolved until today.

Disabled activists too harsh against PH, says blind singer

Alfred Ho compares his experiences with the former regime and the current government.