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Guan Eng denies delaying oil royalty payment to Sabah, Sarawak

The finance minister says he is personally committed towards delivering the Pakatan Harapan promise.

Expedite political funding law, urges NGO

There’s need for greater transparency in the links between politicians and corporations, especially over money donated to politicians, says Giat.

An open letter to Dr M and PH

A clear message must be sent that the welfare of the nation and the reform agenda take precedence over personal or party interests.

Abolish Sedition Act now, PKR Youth tells govt after Wan Ji’s...

PKR Youth chief Akmal Nasrullah Mohd Nasir says PH had repeatedly said that it would repeal the act.

Not enough done on GLCs, open trade, think tank tells govt

The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs says it is concerned that despite Putrajaya's divestment plan, total assets of GLCs still dominate gross domestic product.

PM’s question time slot is part of your manifesto, Bersih tells...

Electoral watchdog says PMQT allows MPs to question the prime minister directly on key national issues.

Think tank tells how PH can restore the spirit of federalism

The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs moots a review of the Ninth Schedule of the Federal Constitution, local council elections and the return of consumption tax proceeds to states, among others.
Buku Harapan, 100 hari, Pakatan harapan

In Perak, a dispute over PH’s PAC promise

Pakatan Harapan's national manifesto states that the Public Accounts Committee should be led by an opposition member, but in Perak, both chairman and deputy chairman are from the coalition.

We address highways toll within our means, says Dr M

The PM says the government is now focusing on Klang Valley tolled highways.

Umno needs a Tony Blair to fight the Thatcher that is...

The maverick politician says it's not hard to counter Pakatan Harapan's idealist policies which are backed by tycoons who have no socialist values in them.

Bangladeshis earn more, says Najib on new minimum salary for PTPTN...

The former prime minister says even Bangladeshi menial workers earn more than RM1,000, the minimum salary required for PTPTN borrowers to repay their loans.

Putrajaya says ‘no’ to new toll concessions

Works Minister Baru Bian says toll booths will also be removed in stages.

Over RM8 billion spent on NS programme

Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu says most of the money was spent on renting the training camps.

Sabah leaders unwilling to fight for oil rights are traitors,...

Keningau MP Jeffrey Kitingan believes the federal government is just trying to avoid having to honour its election manifesto.

Mahathir: Toll charges will be abolished in stages

Pakatan Harapan chairman says this will be done based on the contracts signed with concessionaires.

No free higher studies but more scholarships, says Mahathir

He says everything in PH manifesto can be delivered.

Govt learns from mistakes for progress of nation, says Najib

He urges people to be prudent in evaluating their future, warning not to fall for populist policies in Pakatan Harapan manifesto.

PH’s manifesto is poisoned honey, says Sabah DCM

Many promises in their manifesto are populist, only to please the people but not implementable, says Yahya Hussin.

PH manifesto mired in sensationalism, says Salleh Keruak

Minister criticises Pakatan Harapan for promising to 'give more money to the people' but not explaining where the money would come from.

Sabah PH manifesto a peninsula party ploy, says MA63 activist

Michael Peter Goviind, an activist for upholding the Malaysia Agreement 1963, says Pakatan Harapan's 'New Deal for Sabah' full of empty promises.