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Sedition Act to go this year, says law minister

Liew Vui Keong says this was decided in a Cabinet meeting, and that the government is looking at the factors for its implementation.

What have we gained since PH took Putrajaya, ask Sarawak MPs

Political leaders and analysts say Sarawak is not being treated fairly and that Pakatan Harapan has not kept its promises to the state.

Here’s how to ensure gender equality, women’s group tells govt

WAO says Putrajaya must work harder so that women can participate in society in safety and with equality.

The legacy of Malaysia’s 93-year-old revolutionary

Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s age, grit and outlandishness have garnered international intrigue but inside the country, his track record has been more chequered.

Not perfect, but PH’s flaws pale in comparison to past abuse

But it must move quickly to quell the continuous insidious plays on race, religion and royalty.

Saifuddin tells of ups and downs in foreign ministry

Despite the successful resolution of bilateral issues with China and Singapore, withdrawal from ICERD and the Rome Statute remains a black mark for Wisma Putra.

Race relations getting worse, Anwar says as PH marks 1 year...

The PKR president warns that racial sentiments could derail efforts to get Malaysia back on track.

Have you missed BN since May 9?

Some may point out the flaws of the current administration, but we should also reflect on what the previous government did right.

In new Malaysia, opposition still floundering too, say MP, analysts

They say opposition members need to step up their game, and suggest that they receive the same allocations and resources as those given to government MPs.

KL youth unhappy with PH over urban development, job market

They say they voted for a new Malaysia but are still waiting for PH to make good on many of its promises.

As PH marks first year in power, Najib remembers ‘disturbances’ during...

The former leader accuses PH of employing inhumane tactics to silence him.

Lower income group more likely to vote BN-PAS than PH, says...

Kajidata research poll finds that while there is a lot of negativity towards the ruling coalition, 40% of respondents are likely to vote for PH than for BN-PAS combined.

1 year on, PH gets mixed results on economy

The PH administration scored negative or mediocre grades on six of 10 categories across the economy, according to a Bloomberg survey of economists.

At least PH agrees with us on that, says MCA on...

A member of the party's central committee says BN doesn't mind the renaming of its initiatives.

Malaysians still fixed on race, Dr M says

The prime minister says each community has its own issues and believes that the government is neglecting it.
Buku Harapan, 100 hari, Pakatan harapan

Not unfair to criticise PH after only a year, say rights...

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International Malaysia disagree that a year is too short a time to carry out the promised reforms.

Rights group slams PH over fear of public opinion in UN...

Human Rights Watch says there will never be a day when treaties can be passed without issue if there is an opposition playing 'disruptive' politics.

Global rights group gives PH thumbs down ahead of first year...

Human Rights Watch says the government not only failed to fulfil pledges on rights, but also back-pedalled on reforms.