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Philippines turn to UN after boat collision in South China Sea

The Philippines asks the United Nations to make protecting life at sea a priority after the collision this month between a Filipino fishing boat and a Chinese vessel in the South China Sea.

Philippines blasts ‘cowardly Chinese boat’ over sinking

The boat on Sunday hit a Filipino craft anchored near Reed Bank causing it to sink and leaving 22 crewmen 'to the mercy of the elements'.

Bride among 13 killed in Philippine truck accident

Thirteen people including a bride-to-be and two children are killed when the truck they were riding on after attending a traditional pre-wedding ceremony rolled over on a mountain road.

Philippines rejects call for UN rights council probe

Manila is describing UN's call for an independent probe into Philippines alleged human rights violations on drug dealers and gangs as an interference in its affairs.

Philippines ships dumped trash back to Canada

Sixty nine shipping containers of garbage are loaded onto a cargo vessel at Subic Bay heading for Canada.

Imelda Marcos’ jewels to go on sale

Imelda is best known for leaving behind more than a thousand pairs of shoes when her family fled the Philippines after a revolution in 1986.

Philippines’ Duterte loses patience with Canada over trash spat

The Philippines has made several diplomatic protests to Canada since a 2016 court ruling that the garbage be returned.

Former UK army officer jailed for online child sex abuse

Andrew Whiddett, 70, has been sentenced for more than three years in jail.

Bulwark against Duterte falls in Philippines vote

The results open a path for Duterte to bring back the death penalty and advance his project to re-write the constitution.

Philippine cities facing ‘slow-motion disaster’

The steady sinking of coastal towns and islets in the northern Philippines has caused Manila Bay's brackish water to pour inland and displace thousands.

Philippines vote in polls expected to strengthen Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte remains popular in the Philippines and today's polls are expected to keep him in power.

Philippines cuts interest rate after sharp growth slowdown

The central bank lowered its inflation forecast for this year to 2.9% from 3%, while raising its 2020 projection slightly to 3.1%.

Intricate cardboard city rises in Manila art show

The cardboard is very important in the Philippines, it can be used as furniture or even shelter.

Cuts in Philippine policy rate, RRR ‘inevitable’ this year, says central...

Despite its fast-growing economy, Filipino policymakers have to grapple with soaring inflation and raising its benchmark interest rates.

Philippine rate cut a matter of timing as oil rises, says...

Last year's series of interest-rates increment in the Philippines will ease its monetary policy.

Philippines says won’t bar Chinese proposals for shipyard takeover

In January, Hanjin Philippines filed for court rehabilitation proceedings as it grappled with a slump in the global shipping and shipbuilding industry.

Philippines’ Duterte in war of words over Canada garbage row

The garbage is among several festering issues that have soured ties between the two governments.

Suhakam, Indonesian rights body sign MoU on stateless people in Sabah

The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia and the National Human Rights Commission of Indonesia will work on an action plan to help resolve the complex issue of statelessness in Sabah.

Another quake hits the Philippines

The earthquake hit near Tutubigan, which is hundreds of kilometres south of the quake that hit near Manila.

Magnitude 6.3 quake hits Philippines, at least eight people dead

An earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale has struck the Philippines island of Luzon.

Economic boom lifting more Filipinos out of poverty

Manila is working to meet its target of reducing the poverty rate to at least 14% by the end of President Rodrigo Duterte’s term in 2022.

Protesters warn of Chinese ‘invasion’ of Philippines

Filipino flag-waving marchers chanted "China out" and brandished a banner saying "Defend our sovereign rights".

Indonesian fisherman held hostage by Islamic militants drowns in escape bid

An Indonesian drowned while being hostage while Abu Sayyaf militants escaped from Simusa while a Malaysian is currently hospitalised in Besana.

Philippine troops rescue Malaysian hostage in southern Philippines

Jan Abdullah was shot by his Abu Sayyaf captors while fleeing and was later found by the marines.