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2 NGO dibidas eksploitasi kanak-kanak sertai protes alam sekitar

Ahli Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang, Vino Dini Chandragason berkata, Klimate Action Utara Malaysia dan Klima Action Malaysia melanggar Akta Kanak-kanak 2001 kerana menggunakan 11 kanak-kanak untuk menyuarakan bantahan mereka.

P Pinang adakan dialog mengenai sekolah terjejas dengan PIL 1

Kerajaan negeri juga ingin mengadakan pertemuan dengan Kementerian Pendidikan berhubung isu berkenaan.

Penang govt to hold dialogue on schools affected by PIL 1

It will also meet the education ministry to discuss concerns, says the chief minister.

Conflict of interest between SRS Consortium and PTMP?

It is important that Penang government policies be based on evidence and credible data, not the frivolous speculation of the project proponent.

Penang Forum demands to see new EIA report for PIL 1

The pressure group says it would otherwise be hard to understand why DoE has imposed 56 conditions.

PIMPing the Penang master plan bubble

If the three reclaimed islands cannot fetch a sufficiently high price, the people of Penang will have to bear an insufferable debt burden.

NGO ‘terkejut’ kerajaan lulus projek 3 pulau di Pulau Pinang

Terlalu banyak kebimbangan yang dibangkitkan oleh warga prihatin dan NGO berhubung projek tambak laut dan PIL 1 di Pulau Pinang.

JAS dipersoal benar projek lebuh raya ada kesilapan pelan

Selasa lepas kerajaan Pulau Pinang berkata, satu 'kesilapan' ditemui pada lukisan berm yang termasuk dalam penilaian kesan alam sekitar projek PIL 1.

No to Kidex but yes to PIL 1? Let’s refresh DAP...

When they were in the opposition, they were dead against Kidex and other highways. Now, they sing praises for PIL 1.

DoE slammed for okaying highway plan with bloopers

Penang Forum says the department should have asked for a fresh design.

An open letter to Dr M on PIL 1

The state government should consider other means of improving the traffic situation in Penang instead of imposing the PTMP on Penangites and their future generations.

Dedah syarat lulus PIL 1, gesa NGO alam sekitar

Sahabat Alam Malaysia dan seorang aktivis berkata, banyak hujah kukuh diberikan terhadap bantahan projek lebuh raya itu.

Reveal conditions of approval for PIL 1, govt told

An environmental group and an activist say many compelling arguments have been made against the project.

JAS lulus Lebuhraya PIL 1 dengan 56 syarat

Chow Kon Yeow berkata, Jabatan Alam Sekitar memberi kelulusan kepada projek itu pada 10 April lalu dan pembinaannya dijangka dimulakan menjelang pertengahan 2020

Penang’s PIL 1 highway approved by environmental regulators

The DoE gives approval for the project with 56 conditions.

Penang’s curse is the government’s shame

Penang may be in a rut, but it is the state government that put it there.

Najib mocks Penang CM over cost of Pan Island Link 1...

The RM7.5 billion cost was announced several years ago and prices of goods have since gone up, insists former prime minister.

Majoriti rakyat mahu Lebuhraya PIL 1, kata ketua menteri P Pinang

Chow Kon Yeow mendakwa maklum balas orang ramai melalui sesi-sesi town hall mendapati kira-kira 80% menyokong projek lebuhraya mega itu.

Golden opportunity for DAP leaders to practise what they preached

If Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow opposed the Penang Outer Ring Road in the past, he must now justify the Penang Island Link 1 which is an extension of the aborted PORR.

Group alleges ‘copy and paste’ work on Penang highway EIA report

Penang Forum says this violates the pledge of originality undertaken by the environmental consultants.

EIA report on Penang highway ‘fundamentally flawed, plagiarised’, says group

A group of researchers finds plagiarised data and many questions which require answers under federal environmental laws.

Don’t feed the road monster, expert tells Penang on highway projects

Building more roads does not resolve traffic problems, says a transport expert.

EIA expert: Safe to use 4,000kg explosives in Penang highway

He says drilling and blasting of 4 tunnels for proposed highway will cause minimal disturbance.

Govt’s decision on Penang highway might make no one happy, says...

Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin says a 'middle path' solution must be found to the dispute over the controversial project.