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British Airways pilots could call off strike if airline negotiates

The strike could still go ahead if the airline continues to refuse meaningful discussions.

Pilots demand better training if Boeing wants to rebuild trust in...

Pilots want simulation time along with briefings on how the MCAS works.

Jet Airways shares fall as more planes are grounded over unpaid...

Unpaid salaries to its pilots had caused Jet Airways' shares to drop after it had to let go 15 planes.

India’s cash-strapped Jet Airways to pay December salaries

Jet Airlines pilots were on strike after the airline company had defaulted on crew wages.

Two pilots die in Chinese fighter jet crash

China's military, which is undergoing a well-funded modernisation drive, has had other accidents in recent years.

Pakistan national airline fires pilots with fake school degrees

Pakistan's national flag carrier has fired 50 employees including three pilots for holding fake high school degrees.

Japan to make alcohol tests mandatory for pilots

All Nippon Airways also revealed last month that a hungover pilot had caused multiple flight delays.

Lion Air pilots battled confusing malfunctions before crashing

Data shows the plane was controllable where the pilots had done so for about 10 minutes before the final plunge.

Boeing issues advice over sensors after Indonesia crash

The planemaker said local aviation officials believed pilots may have been given wrong information by the plane's automated systems before the fatal crash.

Ryanair closes Eindhoven base in Netherlands, jobs uncertain

Ryanair's move follows a Dutch court ruling on Friday that said the company could not force 16 pilots to relocate, though it could also not prevent Ryanair from closing the base.

German strike plunges Ryanair into fresh turmoil

The Irish budget carrier said it was cancelling 150 out of 400 scheduled flights to and from Germany because of the walkout, which it slammed as unacceptable and unnecessary.

Malaysia Airlines records stable Q2 performance

Airline is facing escalating fuel prices, industry-wide overcapacity and pilot shortages.

2 pilots escape death in copter crash at Subang

The helicopter crashed on grassy ground at the helicentre at Subang airport this morning.

Wanted: 150 pilots for Malaysia Airlines

CEO Izham Ismail says they need to replace pilots who have retired or left the airline.

Ryanair strike hits 55,000 customers across Europe

Ryanair, which averted widespread strikes by agreeing to recognise unions for the first time in its 30-year history, has been unable to quell rising protests over negotiating collective labour agreements.

Ryanair proposes mediation in pilot strikes row

The Irish carrier scrapped 24 flights out of 300 to and from Ireland on Friday, affecting 3,500 passengers, all of whom have been rescheduled or refunded, the company said.

Ryanair’s Dutch pilots back strikes as labour conflict worsens

Nearly all flight deck crew backed “possible” industrial action, the Dutch Airline Pilots Association said in an email Tuesday.

Irish strikes see Ryanair slashing Dublin-based fleet by 20%

The airline said on Wednesday it will cut its Irish fleet by a fifth to 24 aircraft, blaming pilot walkouts for hurting bookings, air fares and consumer confidence in Irish flight schedules.

Women pilots fly against cockpit prejudices

Role models remain few and far between for women wanting to enter the cockpit, rather than serve the onboard drinks, despite a huge shortage of pilots worldwide.

Aviation industry urged to hire more women as staff shortages loom

The industries are coming under scrutiny because of the low numbers of women employed as senior executives or airline pilots.

Saudi aviation academy to train first women pilots

Oxford Aviation Academy, a leading trainer and crew recruiter, has already received applications from hundreds of women hoping to start lessons in September at a new branch in the eastern city of Dammam.

Air France cancels 30% of flights due to strikes

Around a third of medium-haul flights to and from Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport have not taken off.

Germany’s Ryanair flights take off despite strike

The first-ever strike action by Ryanair pilots in the company's 32-year history made little impact, with no cancellations reported.

3 months that shook Ryanair: How cancellations sparked a pilot revolt

Pilots saw an opportunity to shift the balance of power in a company where they feel they are treated 'like janitors'.